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Bangladesh is a country of seasonal diversity. Being in the tropical area of the globe, we mostly have hot and humid weather. Because of the earth's rotation on its axis in relation to the sun, earth mostly has four seasons, summer, spring, fall and winter. But Bangladesh is known to have two more seasons. Summer, rainy season, autumn, late autumn-winter and spring. In our country, winter is the shortest staying season of Bangladesh. Though the time period of this season is two months but it lasts for fifteen to twenty-five days. Northern part of Bangladesh is cooler than the southern part. Cold wind from the Himalayas flows from the northern part of India and it cools down the northern part. Rangpur, Bogra, Maymanshingha, Sylhet are the coldest area of Bangladesh during winter.

In winter, the palm trees especially date trees release a special type of juice from its stem. The juice is very sweet and full of nutrition. The food festival or as we know it in Bengali the ‘Pitha Utshob’ of winter is based on this juice. People collect the juice in a clay pot. They put the clay pot on the tree and leave it overnight. In the morning they get pots full of date juice. One tree can produce up to 7 liters of juice in one night. You can drink the juice right after bringing it down from the tree. But the juice is collected for another purpose. The juice is used to prepare jaggery. They put the juice in large containers and heat them up in a large stove with a low flame. They keep it steering all day. When the juice is overheated and starts boiling, they turn the flame down and let it be stable. After that they do it the same and this process continues for days until finally the juice is no longer liquid and becomes a semi-liquid substance. They then put that semi-liquid thing in molds and let it cool. When it is fully cooled down it becomes a solid thing. This is called jaggery. Most of the Bengali cake or ase we call it pitha is made out of this jaggery.

In the villages of our country, cakes are everyday at least one time meal of the day. But in the cities, people are too busy to make them, that often they miss out on this delicious winter food of our country. But now you do not have to miss out on anymore. Ajkerdeal is with you. You can now buy winter pitha online in Bangladesh. From the various collection of pitha you can choose and order them and can enjoy the winter properly. Because without ‘Pitha’ winter is not sweet. This food makes winter of Bangladesh sweetest.

Bhapa Pitha:

Bhapa pitha is a kind of winter cake made out of rice flour, date jaggery and coconuts. It is the most common and very frequently consumed winter cake in Bangladesh. To make this pitha, first you have to spray very little water on the rice flour and mix it very well. You also have to add a pinch of salt with the mixture. Than you have to put the flour in a mold. You have to fill one-third portion of the mold and then you have to put the jaggery powder on top of the flower and then coconut on top of the jaggery and finally, you have to cover it with some more flour. Than you have to cook it with steam. This is the specialty of Bhapa Pitha that it is cooked with steam. It got it name because of this unique process of cooking. ‘Bhapa’ means steamed. You can now easily order bhapa pitha online in BD and we will send it to you.

Milk Chitoi Pitha:

Milk chitoi pitha is another popular pitha of Bangladesh. Chitoi pitha is a kind of pancake made with rice flour and without any egg. You have to make a mixture of water and rice flour. Than you have to put the mixture into a pan and have to cover it. Within a few minutes it will be baked and ready to eat. You can eat them with anything such as curry, bhorta, sauce etc. There is a special kind of chitoi which we call ‘Dhudh Chitoi’ or Milk chitoi. You have to mix jaggery with milk and heat it up for a while and then you have to put some chitoi pitha into the milk and keep it overnight. The chitoi pitha will soak the milk and will become very soft and juicy. It is a very delicious breakfast of our country. Now you can buy milk chitoi online from ajkerdeal.

Malai Patisapta:

Malai patisapta is probably the most delicious pitha of Bangladesh. It is a kind of egg roll. But the process is very different from egg roll. To make this pitha, you have to make a dough mixing rice flour, jaggery, water and sometimes sugar instead of jaggery. Jaggery made rolls will look red and sugar made will be white. To fill this roll is made out of pure malai. You have to heat up and keep steering milk in a pot until it dries down to one-fourth of its previous volume. Then you have to spray oil on a pan and put the flour mixture in it and you have to spread it on the pan and cover it. After a few minutes, you have to pot put the malai into it and roll it. You cannot find anyone who doesn't like this pitha. You can now order Patisapta pitha online in Bangladesh and enjoy the sweet and creamy bite of it.

Other Pitha:

There are some other popular pitha in Bangladesh that are available in winter. Such as, milk puli, coconut puli, chicken puli, poa pitha and more. You can now find them all online with ajker deal. Not only pitha. You can now buy honey, yogurt, chira, puffed rice and many other winter food items online in Bangladesh with ajker