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Shawl is a kind of clothing. It is worn in the winter. It is one of the main clothing of Kashmir, Darjeeling and Shimla. The name ‘Shawl’ came from Kashmir. It is a long piece of cloth that is wrapped around the shoulder. It covers mostly shoulders, hands, upper body and the head when needed. The history of shawl is very interesting. It is stated that, in the 14th century when Sayeed Ali Hamadani came to Ladakh, he found out that the wool of Ladakhi Kashmiri goat was very soft. So, he took some wool and made a pair of socks for the king of Kashmir, Sultan Qutabdin. After few days Hamadani asked the king to help him set up a  shawl industry in Ladakh. The king was so impressed by the pair of socks, that he agreed to invest and that is how the shawl industry began. Kashmir was the point from which knowledge, wealth and product of the ancient India spread throughout the world. And Kashmir became famous for its shawl in the whole world. Shawl are primarily used for warmth. But they are also used as a symbolic reason or part of a costume. There is a special kind of shawl known as tallit which is worn by the Jewish males during prayers. But, now it is mainly used to keep warmth and fashion by both males and females.

There are various kinds of shawls available in the market. Such as Kashmiri shawl. Kashmir is India’s north most state. And the hand crafted shawl of Kashmir are the most recognized textile of India. Another kind of shawl is Pashmina shawl. Most of the woolen clothes of kashmir are made of pashmina. Pashmina is a kind of wool extracted from a special kind of mountain goat. The wool is very soft, silky and warm. The designs are done by hand needlework. The most common colour of Pashmina shawl are, yellow, white, black, blue, green, violate and red. And the designs are mostly natural things. Such as, trees, leaves, mountains etc. Then there is Do-Shalla. Do-shalla ase the name suggests, are mostly sold in pairs. The Mughal emperor Akbar was a great admirer of the Kashmiri shawl and he was the first to introduce the so-shalla. Another kind is Gubba. Gubba is a kind of shawl which is made of milled blanket. They are mostly dyed in plain colour. The embroidery is bold and the design is very bright and attractive. It is very cheap in price. 

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