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Blanket Price in Bangladesh - Best Quality Blankets Online in BD

During winter it is very important to have a comfortable blanket. To buy blanket online you can visit or login to ajkerdeal mobile app and find soft and comfortable blanket for your bed that will make your night sleep very well.

Blanket is a sheet of cloth mostly made of sheep wool. It is used in the winter during sleep or resting to cover a person’s body or part of the body. A blanket traps the warmth of the body by not letting it lost. It keeps the body warm during cold times. The name blanket came from an English weaver who wove a special kind of fabric out of sheep wool. 

There are various kinds of blankets out there. Though the term blanket means made out of wool, but cotton fabrics are also used to make light blankets. Wool are warmer than cotton and it takes very little time to get warm and stays warm for longer than cotton blanket. Wool blankets are also heavier. But in recent time blankets are being made out of artificial wool, polyester, acrylic, knitted polyester, mink, etc.

Blankets have been used by the military for many years. Many nations made it compulsory for militaries to have woolen blanket. They are the largest single consumer of blanket in the world. Small blankets are used as an extra layer of warmth and they are often printed with many colours. Small blankets are also used to decorate beds. It is also used by the children as a comforting material.

On ajkerdeal you will find a large collection of blankets for this winter and check for blanket price in Bangladesh. There are various kinds and quality of blankets on Ajkerdeal. From that collection, you can choose one for you or even can give it to someone as a gift. Some of the popular blankets available in our collection are:

Microfiber Blankets in Bangladesh:

Microfiber is a synthetic fiber that is very thin. The diameter of one fiber is less than the diameter of silk fiber. It is mostly used to make mats, sheets, blankets etc. the microfiber blanket is very warm because of its unique fiber properties. But compared to that it is very low in price. On ajkerdeal you will find a large collection of microfiber blankets at best price with different colors and sizes.

Silk Blankets in Bangladesh:

Silk is a natural protein fiber that can be used to wove fabric. The fiber is produced by a special kind of insect called mulberry silkworm. The silk fabric is used to make blankets now. Two layers of silk sheets are put together and in between them some soft materials are put. Silk blankets are very soft and comfortable. They are harmer as well.  

Electric Blankets in Bangladesh:

Electric blankets has a manual electric heating system. Though it sounds dangerous but it is very safe. There is a controller that allows you to control the warmth. You can buy electric blanket online at best price on ajkerdeal.

Baby Blankets in Bangladesh:

There are blankets for babies as well. There are baby blanket bags and small and soft blanket in which your baby will get a comfortable and warm sleep during the cold weather. 

This winter, you do not have to worry about blankets. Because your most trusted online shopping store is with you to help. You will find the best blankets in BD at affordable prices. Just go to and confirm your order. And rest is our job. 

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