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Valentine’s day also known as Saint Valentine's Day is celebrated on 14th February around the world. It is a western christian feast honoring a saint called Valentine. Valentine’s Day is recognized as the feast of culture, religion, romance and romantic love. On this day couples express their love for each other and present them with gifts such as cakes, flowers, cards etc. In ancient times the roman soldiers and priests were forbidden for marriage. A priest named Saint Valentine broke the law and he was ordered to be executed. In his prison he restored the sight of the daughter of his jude and wrote a letter to her before his execution. He signed the latter with, “Your Valentine”. The Valentine’s Day was established by Pope Gelasius in 496 AD to be celebrated on the 14th of February to honor the Christian martyr. But the day was associated with love in the fourteenth century when the concept of courtly love was established. In the 18th century in England the day was associated with couples expressing love to each other and exchanging gifts. The symbols of Valentine's Day are, heart shape, doves and a winged Cupid. Although it is not a public holiday but it is being celebrated in the whole world for a long time. The day is also celebrated in Bangladesh from last 15 to 20 years. The couples take leave on this day and make each other feel special. They exchanges gifts, exchanges flowers, spends the day together, express their feelings, have dinner together etc. to help you choose your valentine gift for your special person, ajkerdeal is giving you the best Valentine shopping service online in Bangladesh. We have a numerous collection of Valentine's Day gift, chocolate, cake, dresses and more.

Gift Items:

The most important thing in this day is exchanging gifts. A good gift can change your day as well as rest of your life. You can buy beautiful Valentine’s Day gift online in Bangladesh from ajker deal. We have a large collection of gift items such as soft toys, sweet and cute gift boxes. The are heart shaped gift box, squire gift box. Gift boxes in many color and more. There are also dolls. Soft dolls, cute lightning dolls, doll baskets, couple dolls, teddy bears and more. We also have exclusive design pillow & cushion. We have cute designed cushion, heart shaped cushion, emoji cushion, you can even have customized photo cushion cover. We also have photo frame, mugs, key rings, lock diary and other combo offers. You can now easily buy Valentine’s Day gift online in Bangladesh from ajkerdeal.

Couples Offer:

On this day you might want to be out of the box as a couple in the crowd. You might want to be the best couple around. To help you with your need, ajkerdeal has couples offer where you can find all couple things. Such as couple sharee and panjabi. If you want to celebrate the festival with a Bengali cultural touch, couple sharee and panjabi is the best choice for you. There are are a huge collection of matching sharee and panjabi from which you can buy for you and your special person. We also have the best Valentine couple t-shirt collection in Bangladesh. You can buy couple t-shirts online in Bangladesh on ajkerdeal. The t-shirts are fashionable, soft and comfortable. The couple offer contains a pair of t-shirt one is men and other one is women's t-shirt. We also have a couple rings. Rings might be the best gift for your Valentine . And if the rings are in pair than it will be great. The pair contains two rings. One men ring and other one is women’s ring. Rings are the most romantic Valentine gifts ever. Now you can buy couple rings online in BD. there is also couple watches.Indeed a wristwatch is very useful for everyday life and if it comes in a pair for you and your loved one than nothing is more beautiful than this. You can now easily buy couple watch online in Bangladesh. There are also couple mugs, couple pillow covers  and more couple items that will remind you of each other. You can order all these online on ajkedeal.

Chocolate and Cake:

Celebrating this day with chocolate and cake is very common nowadays. You can have chocolate boxes and chocolate packets. They come in various sizes and shapes and brands. You can find the price of chocolate box in BD with ajkerdeal. There is also cake. You will find heart shaped cake or any shape you want. You can write your and your loved one’s name on it. You can order cake online in Bangladesh.

Fresh Flower:

Ajkerdeal is the first online shop to provide you with fresh flowers. You can get a flower bouquet online. You also will find Rose, Orchid, Gerbera, Chrysanthemum and mixed flower on ajkerdeal. It is now easy to order fresh flowers online on ajkerdeal.

Other collection:

There are some other collection of Valentine’s Day. such as special sharee, kurti, panjabi, watches, jewelry, perfume & body spray, romantic home decor, t-Shirt, greeting cards etc.