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Delicious Sandesh in Bangladesh | 

Sandesh is the most famous sweets in Bangladesh. If you are a sweet lover, click on our site to discover all the mouth-watering delicious sweets. Buy Sandesh online from the largest online shopping market in Bangladesh, for your convenience.  

“Sandesh” Is Familiar To All Of Us

Sandesh is one of the most famous sweets of our country. The name 'Sandesh' is familiar to all of us. Not only the familiar name of many, it is also a favorite sweet meal. The Bangla meaning of sandesh is a message. It is made from the casein of milk. The food is as nutritious as it is delicious. So with the taste, you will also benefit.

Sandesh Also Known As Kachagolla

Sweet artisans from different parts of the world have turned this Sandesh into an artistic one. Sandesh (also known as Kachagolla) is a popular confectionery in Natore district of Bangladesh. Sandesh is a kind of sweet confection made with milk curdle. 

Sandesh is prepared by mixing sugar or jaggery with the milk curdle in a mold. In terms of food content, it is a nutritious food. This sweet ingredient has been used since ancient times in organizing Bengali festivals. 

Fresh Ingredient Of Sandesh Sweetmeat

Sandesh Sweetmeats are made with fresh ingredients and no preservatives were added for extra flavor. The silky smooth Sandesh easily melts in the mouth. They also come in different shapes and sizes. Buy Sandesh online from

Sondesh Sweet for Guest’s Hospitality 

There is a need to add novelty and different dimensions to the hospitality of the guests with a variety of sweet treats. So, Celebrate any moments with your family and friends with delicious Sandesh. This traditional Bengali sweet is made with pure milk and sugar for delicious taste. 

Used As A Sweet Prasad of Sandesh

Sandesh is a popular dessert in Bangladesh. Used in various puja festivals and as a sweet prasad of Sandesh. Moreover, Sandesh of Natore district is more popular. Various flavors can be found in the names and materials of sandesh sweetmeats. If you love sweet tasting food, Sandesh will undoubtedly place on your favorite list.

Sandesh Sweetmeat Adds A Different Dimension to Any Occasion

Sweets can be an extra addition to make any celebration or occasion special. Celebrating any occasion with your friends and family is special and makes it more special with sweetmeat Sandesh. Find the best quality Sandesh at the best price from

Famous Places Of Sandesh Sweetmeats

There is Sandesh from the famous city Khulna, khejur gurer Sandesh from Pabna, para Sandesh from Brahmanbaria, Kushtia etc. All types of Sandesh from the popular cities are now available at our site. Just click on our site and order online for Sandesh. Shop for sandesh for yourself or gift it to your loved ones from

Satkhira's Famous Sandesh 1 kg 

This sandesh sweetmeat is made with pure milk curdle. This sandesh is extremely delicious. Being unique in taste, meaning and quality of satkhira's place, there are fame of various desserts including Sandesh, Sarpuri, Para and Dai. In keeping with that, we have Satkhira's famous Sandesh, Khir Sandesh, Para Sandesh, Nalen Gur's Sarpuri and Para (produced only in winter).

Also has Rasgulla, Rasmalai, Sana's Jilapi, Malaya Kari, Jamrul, Golap Jam, Mouchak, Balish Chamcham, Malai Kusum Kali, Gulab Jamun, Special Magnificent, Haite Gold, Jamatla Rasgolla in Jessore.

Sarpuriya Sandesh Sweetmeat For Sweet Lover

There are very few people who know the sweet reputation of Satkhira and don't know about Sarpuria. This Sarpuria is made in a total of three layers. The first layer contains Khir, the second layer contains milk cream and the last layer contains Sarpuria curdle layer. It is the special kind of sweetmeat who once tasted it and would like to eat once again. This I can say is challenging to anyone. 

It comes in two varieties, a white sapuria improvement palm molasses sapuria which is only available during the winter season. So, Order Some delicious Sandesh from online and get them directly delivered to your doorstep to celebrate any occasion or events.

Pera Sandesh from Brahmanbaria 

Being unique in taste, meaning and quality of pera shondesh is number one choice for the sweetmeat lovers. Pera Sandesh 1 kg of the Adorsho Matri Bhandar store of Brahmanbaria. Order to get the real taste of the real shop sitting at home in Dhaka. 

Hassle-Free Shopping From Ajkerdeal  

Now, it’s easy to order sweetmeat from online. is your online sweet store for all types of available sweets online. Find the best quality Sandesh at the best price from Enjoy a hassle-free online shopping experience with us.