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Roshkodom in Bangladesh |

Sweets have a great impact on Bengalis’ life. Generally, Bengalis love sweet very much. We cannot think of any festivals without sweets. And in our country, we have a variation of sweets in different regions. Such as- Brahmanbaria is famous for chanamukhi, Netrokona is famous for pillow-shaped sweets, Bogura is famous for yogurts, and many more. In

Rajshahi, roshkodom is a famous sweet. is delivering roshkodom directly from Rajshahi. So you can order roshkodom from us and get your delivery to home easily.

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Roshkodom is a delicious and tasty sweet of Bangladesh. It is also beautiful to look at. Inside the roshkodom, there is a small rasgolla, with a thick layer of kheer on top. On top of all of them, there are small round white grains made by sugar. For this reason, roshkodom looks alike the Kadam flower. Rajshahi district is famous for roshkodom. Apart from Rajshahi in Bangladesh, roshkodom sweet is made in the Malda district of India and this sweet is also very popular there.

History of Roshkodom

Roshkodom is not an ancient sweet and the history of this sweet is not well known as there is no authentic reference found yet.  However, an unconfirmed source states that Chaitanya Mahaprabhu once came to Gaur state during the reign of the independent Sultan Hussain Shah of Bengal. There he initiated Roop Sanatan under a Kelly Kadamba tree. Later, roshkodom sweet is made from that Kadamba tree. Although Vaishnavism believes this to be true, historians do not. However, it is believed that roshkodom sweet is the sweet of the Sultanate period.

Recipe of Roshkodom

Some of the main ingredients of roshkodom sweets are milk, curd, kheer, sugar, and mawseed. First of all, you have to make curd with milk. Then you have to make rasgolla of medium to small size with the curd. Excess juice has to be removed from the rasgolla. Red food coloring and vanilla essence are added to this rasgolla. Then the rasgolla has to be covered with a layer of powdered kheer. 

At the end of all, the rasgollas are covered with a coating of fried mawseed over medium heat so that it looks like a Kadam flower. Roshkodom sweet stays fresh at normal temperature for about seven days. However, many confectioners nowadays using sugar instead of mawseeds. Many also use kheer powder instead of mawseed. is your online sweet store for all types of your favorite sweets. Celebrate any occasion with sweets. Order now and buy fresh sweets online. All the tasty collection of sweets are now available at our site. Browse through our site for a wide range of sweets and select from them according to your choice. 

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