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Roshgolla is the most famous traditional sweet in Bangladesh. It is liked by all for its mouthwatering and delicious taste. They are also popular among children. Celebrate any special moment with roshgolla. Roshgolla’s are now available at online also. Order roshgolla from online and get them delivered to your doorstep. Buy roshgolla online from the largest online shopping mall in Bangladesh,

Roshgolla is the most popular sweets in Bangladesh. They are made from pure milk and clarified butter. We provide the original taste and no artificial preservatives were added for extra flavor. Find the best quality roshgolla at the best price online from

Experience an amazing taste of roshgolla’s from There is traditional roshgolla from Pabna, Gaibandha, etc. Browse through our site for your favorite roshgolla from the popular local area of Bangladesh where they are famous for. Enjoy the best taste of roshgolla from our site. 

History of Roshgolla

History says that the first rasgolla was made in West Bengal, India. Naveen Chandra Das was the inventor of modern Rasgolla. Towards the end of the 5th century, the sweetness began to be made in Nadia in the 15th century. From then on, this rasgolla became very popular and spread to the surrounding states. At one time it also gained a lot of popularity in Kolkata. Thus Rasgolla gradually spread from Nadia to Kolkata and Odisha.

However, according to experts, the original origin of Rasgolla is in Barisal of present-day Bangladesh. During the Portuguese rule in the Bhandaria area of ​​Pirojpur, sweet peasants there made a round-shaped sweetmeat, known as Rasgolla or Khirmohan with curd, milk, sugar, and semolina. Later, the descendants of the Hindu Moiras of Barisal area spread to West Bengal, Kolkata, and Odisha of India and started making rasgolla.

Many literary works and poems have been written in Bangla literature about rasgolla. Syed Mujtaba Ali, a prominent Bengali literary writer, has written his famous comedy book named "Rasgolla". Many other poets also wrote poems about the literary Rasgolla.

The Introduction of Vacuum Packing

In 1930, Krishnachandra Das, son of Navin Chandra, introduced vacuum packing in Rasgolla. This created a huge market for Rasgolla. It is possible to send rasgolla to the country and abroad through vacuum packing and gradually export of rasgolla started outside the country. Krishna Chandra's son Sardar Charan Das K.C. Dey founded a sweet shop.

At present, plastic or tin-filled rasgolla is available all over Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan. Rasgolla is also found in South Asia outside the subcontinent. In the palace of Nepal, Rasgolla is known as 'Rashbuli'.

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The Famous Roshgolla of Tangail

We pick the sweets directly from Porabari of Tangail. The sweets are made of 100% original milk and curd. That’s why the sweets are very delicious as well as tasty. The sweets are from Bangladesh. We provide the sweets in 1kg or 2kg’s pack.

Note: We deliver within the Dhaka city only.

Roshgolla Recipe

Ingredients - 2 liters thick and liquid milk, 3 cups lemon juice.

To make sweet syrup - one and a half cup of sugar, 3 cups of water, 3 cardamoms.

Method- Take all the milk in a pan. When the milk boils, add lemon juice and reduce the heat. As can be seen, the water is separated from the milk and the curd is gradually formed. Now pour the curds on a thin cloth and also pour water on the curds. Now the cloth should be separated from the water by hand. Then leave it in the air for 5 to 6 hours. The dough will be made by rubbing it with the hands. After that, the dough should be taken in small pieces and shaped them like small balls. 

To make the syrup, you have to add sugar, water, and cardamom in the oven. When the water starts to boil, you have to check if the sugar has melted. If all well then add the small balls made before and cook for 5 minutes. Thus, the rasgolla will be made. As you can see, the rosgollas are swollen. Now cool down and serve the rosgollas.

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