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Kalojam Sweetmeat in Bangladesh | 

Sweets are an important part of all festivals, functions or happy moments. Any Bengali occasion is incomplete without sweets. Celebrate all your special moments or events with delightful sweetmeats from online site for your convenience. 

Kalojam Sweetmeats Is Known As Gulab Jamun

He who does not eat sweets does not understand its taste. So every person should taste sweet like kalojam and its deliciousness at least once in his life. Among the countries of Asia, the name of Kalojam sweetmeats is known as Gulab Jamun. In Bangladesh, Kalojam is known as Golap jam and Kalo jam. 

Some Basic Information About Kalojam Sweetmeats

Kalojam or Golap jamun is a popular sweet food of South Asia, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Nepal. It also refers to a Dark-red sweet; It is made by mixing sugar, curd and mawa in a ball of flour and frying it. 

This Kalojam sweet main process involves frying in oil and soaking between syrups. Ingredients for making Kalo jam include powdered milk, liquid milk, baking powder, mawa, oil, water, cardamom powder, saffron, sugar.

Where Did The Name Kalojam Sweet Come From?

The fame of Kalojam sweets has spread in different places. Kalojam comes from the Arabic sweet name "Loukoumades", which was very popular during the Mughal period. Occasionally syrup was used. The value of this Kalojam sweet has gone as far as Turkey. 

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Popular Sweetmeats in Bangladesh is your online sweet store for all types of your favorite sweets. Kalojam is a popular sweet in Bangladesh. It is a traditional Bengali sweet in which the enriched flour dumplings are deep fat fried to a dark brown color and then soaked in slow-simmering sugar syrup.

Celebrate Your Special Days With Great Taste Of Kalojam  

Kalojam Sweets also come with unique taste and flavor. Enjoy any occasion with mouth-watering kalojam from our online site. Order now from online and enjoy the great taste and flavor in every occasion and special events.

Kalojam Can Be Made In Various Homely Ways

What can be used to make delicacies kalojam sweets at home? Nowadays, at home women make delicious Kalojam sweets with rice powder. You can make instant kalojam sweet with powdered milk and flour. This sweet of powdered milk can be easily made as there is no hassle of making milk curd. Many people even try to make Kalojam with the semolina. 

Kalojam Sweet Is Everyone's Favorite Dessert

Sweeten your special moments with kalojam. This delicious sweet is liked and loved by all. Buy kalojam online from the online shopping market in Bangladesh, Purchase your favorite dessert kalojam sweet now from online and get them directly delivered to your doorstep.

Different Shape Of Kalojam Sweetmeats

Feel the authentic taste of delicious and soft kalojam with different types of Round shape and Elongated shape. They are made with fresh ingredients and no preservatives are added for extra flavor. Browse through our site for the good taste, service and complete satisfaction.

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