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Hearing the name of Porabari’s chomchom, the minds of the food lovers are filled with happiness. It is called the king of sweets. One of the traditions of Tangail is chomchom. The tradition of this sweet is about two hundred years old. Since the British rule, Tangail has been widely known in various parts of the world, including undivided India. Chomchom has a great reputation all over the world. In the world of sweets, it is unique in its amazing taste. Its inner part is creamy and soft. Sugar powder is sprinkled on the surface of this sweet and the color of this sweet matches the burnt brick color.

The History of Chomchom

At one time there was a dock at Porabari, about 4 km west of Tangail district town. During the British rule, steamers and cargo ships used to ply at this wharf on the banks of the Dhaleshwari river. At that time people from home and abroad used to come to Porabari for business and other purposes. Porabari was a bustling business center at that time with the arrival of different types of people from home and abroad. Dasaratha Gaur, a sweet maker from Assam, made this sweet called Chamcham for the first time with the delicious water of Dhaleshwari and the thick and full-cream milk. Since then, this sweet has been started to be made in Porabari.

Notable people among those who were with Dasharath Gaur, the founder of Chamcham, were Narayan Halai, Rajaram Gaur, Modan Gaur, Kushai Dev, Shiv Shankar and many more. The first chomchom were made in Porabari in the early nineteenth century.

It is believed that the taste of chomchom is mainly dependent on water. The main secret of making this sweet is hidden in the water on the shores of Porabari. In the past, chomchom used to reach different parts of India by launches and steamers. It is estimated that about two to three hundred mons of chomchom were made daily in the various sweet factories of Porabari. The sweet water of the mighty Dhaleshwari river, the thick milk of the cows, and the skillful touch of the artisans made the chomchom famous as the 'King of Sweets' and the reputation of this sweet is still intact.

Due to the growing demand for this sweet and its huge success, about 35 to 40 sweet makers shops were set up in Porabari. More than 200 families were involved in making chomchom. Those who are involved in making sweets are called Halai. Apart from Halai, the people of Pal and Ghosh dynasties of this village have been involved in making sweets for generations and they make their living by making sweets.

People Who Amazed With The Taste of Chomchom

Many patriotic people have been fascinated by the taste of Porabari’s chomchom. Some of the notable personalities among them are- Sher-e-Bangla A K Fazlul Haque, oppressed public leader Maulana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhasani, Hossain Shaheed Suhrawardy, Emperor of Bengali magic PC Sarkar, and many others. Porabari was blessed with the footsteps of many famous personalities including Nawab Ali Chowdhury, Zamindar Wazed Ali Khan Panni, Principal Ibrahim Khan, Pramath Nath Chowdhury. When Maulana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhasani came to Porabari, he used to sit in Madan Lal's sweet house and entertain his political disciples and devotees by chomchom.

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