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Chanamukhi sweetmeat in Bangladesh | 

Different types of sweets are found in different regions of our country. All of these sweets are so tasty and delicious to eat. Among them, some of the popular sweets in Bangladesh are pillow sweet of Netrokona, rasmalai of Comilla, kachagolla of Natore, chomchom of Porabari, yogurt of Bogra, etc. Among them, the chanamukhi sweet of Brahmanbaria has been taken a special place to the sweet lovers. has brought the famous chanamukhi of Brahmanbaria, especially for you. Now you can order this yummy sweet from your home. We brought this sweet directly from Brahmanbaria, so you will get the original and tasty chanamukhi without any problem. So, rely on us and order the amazing chanamukhi from You can also send this sweet as a gift to your favorite ones.  


Chanamukhi is one of the most popular sweetmeats in Bangladesh. It is liked by all for its delicious taste. It is liked by children also. This sweet carries on the tradition of Brahmanbaria. Celebrate all your special occasions and events with your favorite sweets. Sweeten your special moments with chanamukhi. 

History of Chanamukhi

About a thousand years ago, Mahadev Parey added the name of the chanamukhi in the list of delicious foods. Since then, this special dessert has gained popularity among many people. Everyone is fascinated by the taste of this dessert from the British period. Among the list of famous dishes in Brahmanbaria, Chanamukhi is a must be sweet that is present in the first row.

From the British rule, the fame of chanamukhi of Brahmanbaria was spread at home and abroad. The person who has contributed the most to the reputation of this delicious sweet is Mahadev Parey. He was born in Kashidham, India. His older brother, Durga Prasad, came to Kolkata with teenaged Mahadev, and Mahadev started his career by making sweets at Durga Prasad's sweet shop. One day, elder brother Durga Prasad died. Helpless and shelterless Mahadev left for the unknown with a heavy heart.

At one time, he came to Brahmanbaria by roaming. At that time, there was a sweet shop in Shivram Modak in Medda of the city Brahmanbaria. He sheltered Mahadev and gave him a job of making sweets in his shop. And since the arrival of Mahadev, the fame of Shivaram's sweets started to spread all around. Shivram gave his sweet shop to Mahadev and one day, Shivram died.

Mahadev made two famous sweets. One was the chanamukhi, and the other was 'Lady Canning' or 'Lady Kinney'. A special kind of sweet was prepared and sent to Calcutta to win the heart of the then Lord Canning, the Governor of India. Lord Canning and his wife Lady Canning both tasted and praised the sweet. This sweet was named after 'Lady Canning'. It is currently known as the sweet of 'Lady Kinney'.

This chanamukhi sweet made by Mahadev Parey is not made anywhere else in Bangladesh except Brahmanbaria. The delicious taste still praised throughout the country and abroad also.

On the occasion of Bangladesh Independence Day at the Bangladesh Embassy's Office in Islamabad in 1986, Ziaul Haq, the then President of Pakistan, gave warm praise to sweet ‘Lady Kinney,’ which was printed in various Pakistani newspapers.

Recipe of Chanamukhi

Generally, 40 kg of milk and 6 kg of sugar are required to make 6 kg of chanamukhi. And if you want, you can make chanamukhi at home. The preparation method is given below-

Ingredients: 200 grams of chana, one cup of sugar, two cardamoms, half a cup of water.

Process of making chanamukhi-

First, you have to pour extra water from the chana. Then the dry chana should be left in the refrigerator for two to three hours. It will make the chana harder. This time, the hard chana has to be cut into small square shapes. In a pan, add sugar, water, and cardamom to medium-high heat. Now, the pieces of chana should be left in the water and stir lightly. After mixing gently for four to five minutes, they need to get out of the stove. After taking it out of the stove, you have to stir for a while more. One time the sugar will stick nicely to the square-shaped chana’s body. Thus the delicious sweet chanamukhi is made perfectly. Then you have to decorate it nicely and serve.

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