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Unisex glasses can be worn by both men and women. You can now buy stylish unisex sunglasses online in Bangladesh on Sunglasses are primarily used to protect the eyes against the sun. But in today’s world sunglasses have become a great fashion choice for both men and women. There are different kinds and styles of sunglasses. Each style has some unique features. Though the style of men and women are different, there are some glasses that can be worn by both men and women. These glasses are called unisex glasses. Ajkerdeal has the largest collection of unisex glass in Bangladesh. You can find them on our website and place an order to get it delivered. 

How to choose a sunglass?

Sunglasses make it easier to see under the bright sun, they protect our eyes from dust and they are a great fashion as well. Choosing the right glasses is very important. You have to keep some things in mind before you buy a glass. Just follow the instruction below. 

UV Protection:

UV protection should be your first priority before buying any kind of glasses. If your eyes come in contact with the ultra violate ray of the sun regularly then you may go blind very soon. Most of us do not even bother to know that if we are buying the UV protected glass or not. However, this should be our first priority. So, before buying any glass make sure that it is marked “100% UV Protection”. 


You also have to consider the size before buying the sunglass. Of course, you might have a preference but experts recommend the bigger the better. A bigger glass can protect eyes more effectively than a smaller glass and the bigger glasses also can protect the eyes from sides. Besides, the glass should be chosen according to your face size. Yes, the bigger is better but you do not want something that big which looks odd on your face. 


The color of the lenses does not mater. Many people think that dark glasses give more UV protection than other colors which is not true. Dark glasses have no extra benefit besides they look really cool. You can buy any color as you wish. 

Polarized Lense:

Polarized sunglasses are getting very popular in recent times. Polarized glasses are a kind of special glass that cuts and reduces any incoming glare. Glare can be very dangerous while you are driving or riding. Polarized glasses cut the gear created by any reflective surface. But there is a misconception that polarized glasses can minimize the effect of UV and it is far from truth. Polarization has nothing to do with UV. 

If you are looking for a pair of shades then you must consider the above-mentioned tips. These tips might help you to get a good and perfect pair of sunglasses for you.  Ajkerdeal has the largest collection of these. So, visit and take a look at the collection of unisex glasses and place an order now.

Types of Unisex Glasses:

Other glasses may differ because of gender but unisex glasses can be worn by both. These glasses can be categorized by fashion, style, and function. Some of the best unisex glasses are listed below for you. So take a peek and visit the website, choose one and place an order. Your glasses will be sent to you within a few days.  


Pilot or aviator glasses were popularised by the pilots of the 70s. They are shaped like a water drop. These glasses are made of metal frame and the lenses are mostly made of glass. Though the glass lenses make them a bit heavy still they are considered classic. But there are some plastic or fiberglass lense as well. On ajkerdeal, you will find some of the best pilot sunglasses. So, get one and appear in a classic rule.  

Cat’s Eyes:

Cat’s eye glasses are another popular and well-adapted glass among the young people. The frame is much bigger. People often use the frame as normal glasses as well. The frame and lense both are made of plastic that is why it is very light weighted. On ajkerdeal, you will find some of the best cat’s eye glasses. So, select one and place an order now.  

Other Styles:

Besides the above-mentioned ones, there are some other styles and types as well. On ajkerdeal, you will find swimming goggles. These goggles help you see underwater. You will also find night vision glasses and polarized glasses as well. So, visit and find the glasses you need and place an order. Your glasses will be delivered to you within a couple of days.