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Contact Lenses in Bangladesh

Contact lenses are the most popular choice among the young generation people. Bring a new look to your face with contact lenses. Buy the best quality contact lenses online from on our site for contact lenses which are very comfortable to wear and give your eyes a magnificent color that goes well with any makeup or outfit. They are very easy to clean & maintain. They come with a lens carrying pouch, solution water, and lens cover to keep safe your lenses.

Generally, contact lenses are manufactured from a very thin kind of transparent plastic. This contact lens has become a useful alternative to the people who use glasses. And by changing the color of the eye, the contact lens adds a new dimension to the exterior beauty. It has made much easier for the benefit of this contact lens. However, nowadays, this contact lens has become a reliable companion of fashion-conscious people. 

Types of Contact Lens

There are generally three types of lenses available in the market: Soft contact lenses, RGP contact lenses, and Hard contact lenses. The ordinary contact lenses and the colored contact lenses are made with a kind of color. The color is a chemical, that’s why many people may have allergies or side effects for that color. For those who want to use colorful contact lenses in order to enhance their beauty, the first few days should be used as a trial. 

Taking Care of Contact Lenses
  • Contact lenses need to be changed periodically, in the consultation with an eye doctor.
  • A new solution should be brought with contact lenses.
  • Before wearing the lens, it has to make sure to clean the hands well. A contact lens should never be touched with nails because the lens may tear.
  • After cleaning, the lens must be placed in the solution specified for the lens. It cannot be kept in water.
  • After each use, the lens should be opened and thoroughly washed with the solution prescribed for the contact lens. In this case, saliva or water should never be used.
  • The date of production and expiry should be checked before the purchase.
  • A separate box should be used for each contact lens and it must be soluble.
  • If any sand or dirt enters the lens, immediately the lenses should be removed.
  • Before going to bed, the lens must be opened.

Different Types of Lenses that are Available in AjkerDeal

Fresh Look Sterling Gray 

The lenses are from the Fresh Look brand. The color of the lens is the same as the picture. It has a case with a branded cover. The percentage of water content is 42% and 45%. The product is 100% original. The product is made in China. It is occasional and casual party wear. The product life is yearly.

Bella Contour Violet Shade Contact Lens 

The lens material is Polymacon. Its’ water content percentage is 38%.

The base curve is 8.6mm. The diameter is 14.5. The central thickness is 0.07mm. Its permeability is 12 and transmissibility is 95%. The type is soft contact lenses. The lens is eye enlarging type lenses. Its modality is for 3 months. 

Contact Lens Mate Box

The item type is eyewear accessories. The sizes of the box: weight- 90g, height- 7.7cm, diameter - 9.4cm, length - 9.4cm. The box can be used by both genders. The brand name is Mllse.

It doesn’t matter whether your eyes are naturally light or dark, these contact lenses will completely change your appearance and give you a fresh and new look. They come with eye-friendly material and are easy & safe to use. They are made of good quality material and never cause any dryness in the eyes. They are easy to apply and remove.

Improve your vision without heavy glasses and feel the difference with contact lenses. Improve your wearing experience with contact lenses Both men & women can wear them. They are made from the latest optical technology and are comfortable and flexible for long hours of wear. Enhance or change your eye color with the perfect contact lenses that suit you best. Find out the latest contact lenses from our site.

We provide a wide variety of colors for you to choose from. View our complete range of colored contact lenses and change the appearance of your eye color. There are brilliant blue, brown, sterling grey, true sapphire, hazel, and many more colors to suit with your eyes for a fashionable & stylish look. Get the right look and fit for your eyes that you feel comfortable with

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