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The pencil sharpener is a simple device through which the wood pencil is being sharped. The head of the pencil is inserted into sharpener’s cavity and the pencil is rotated with his hands.

History Of Sharpner:

Since the invention of the pencil, knives have been used to cut pencils. And woodpeckers used to cut their pencils, a type of machine-made of blades in an iron sheet. Adapting the machine slightly, Bernard Lascom, a professor of mathematics in France, created the first pencil cutter in 1828. He also got government permission to make this machine in bulk. This device was such that the blade would not move when cutting the pencil. It gets huge popularity.

Since the invention of pencil sharpers, various companies have started to produce different shapewear. From that time on, a company called Gould and Cook used to produce a cutter called Gem Pencil Sapper in 1886. Which didn't look quite like the sharpers now. Yet it was very popular for up to 1918. The company, called Perfect Pencil Pointer, also manufactures one-of-a-kind steel suppliers. It also became very popular.

With time, different types of sharpeners were made to thicken the pencil's head as needed. Alter K. Foster made the first sharper in the United States in 1855. He fitted a round blade into a box. And added a handle to the blade, which would rotate the blade and rotate it with a pencil.


To err is human. However, not all mistakes can be erased, but we can erase the mistakes made by a pencil with an eraser if we want.

When writing with a pencil, graphite on the top of the pencil is stuck to the paper. Eraser's inventor is English technician Edward Nairn.

The eraser that is available in the market is made of rubber. A little sulfur is mixed with rubber so that the eraser can be used for a long time.

The sulfur mixture is then mixed with vegetable oil, such as coconut oil, castor oil, etc. to make soft and flexible the eraser. Then pumice, quartzite, etc. are mixed to make it uneven and poppy. However, modern erasers are made of synthetic rubber such as petroleum, one of which is polyvinyl chloride.

When rubbed with an eraser to remove the pencil stains drawn on the paper, those uneven, poppy substances gradually begin to separate the powdery graphite powder. Because the vegetable oil is used to dilute the eraser, rubbing the paper with an eraser does not leave the leaves in the fridge. The eraser glue rubber holds the jar of that loose graphite. 

When the eraser in rubbing paper rubs with paper, that friction generates heat and for them, the eraser's rubber becomes gluey and holds the graphite powder in that pencil. 

Whenever the rubber grabs the graphite powder, the parts of the rubber mixed with the graphite fall off, and after using the eraser, we scrape off the leaves.

Correction Fluid:

Correction fluid or white-out is an opaque, usually white, fluid applied to paper to mask errors in the text. Once dried, it can be written over. It is typically packaged in small transparent bottles, and the lid has an attached brush (or a triangular piece of foam) which dips into the bottle. The brush is used to apply the fluid onto the paper. It can be used for many purposes.

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