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Diary And Notebooks at a Low price Online in BD

There are so many people all over the world. They write about their dreams, their dreams, the past, the present, and others. These stories are once of great value. At the base of the earth, the great wise men used to write their stories. As a result, they are still the sector all over the world. You can be one of them. You can record it in a diary. If you do not find it useful today and in the future. It must be someone else's. Many will learn from your life story. 

Scale System Diary For Kidz:

Scale system Diary is a unique design diary For your child, you can get stick notes, a pen, a Scale and a lot of pages included. 

Password Diary:

Page quality in this diary is 100-gram offset paper. The special feature of this diary is password lock system available.

Lock Diary With Pen and Gift:

These are High quality ruled page diary. There is a pen given with the diary. The diary is inside a box that can be locked with the key. So, all privacy of the diary will be protected

Buy Beautiful and Unique Designed Diaries and Notebooks From AjkerDeal:

Diaries and notebooks are good products to use for writing. It is also good for a present. Buy diaries and notebooks from can give you an amazing experience of shopping. So you can shop from us without any hassle.  Buy other Stationery Items in BD

What To Write In a Diary:

Own story:

You can write your daily life story, What do you do from day to night, each and every story.


You can dream and write down your future. Seeing that many people write their dreams and keep trying to implement.

Past Stories:

You can write and write about your past. This would be a great novel in the future. You can earn a lot of money by selling it later.

Friend's Stories:

You can write your own friend's stories of love and costumes, their family stories.

The Stories of Love and Suffering:

You can write some stories about the love of your life, some of the times in trouble.

Social Stories:

Some of the stories that are constantly happening in your society. You can write developmental, advisory words.

Fun Stories:

In your family and society, there occasional jokes or humorous stories happen. You can write them down.

Horror Stories:

You can write down some of the scary stories that happen to you or to your family or society.

Mysterious Stories:

You can write some mysterious happening in your community or country.

Take pictures:

You can take pictures of your different times. You can also take pictures of the natural beauty of our country. It will be useful for you as well as in your country or abroad living people will be benefited.


Not only stories, you can write recipes that you love and also that you invented or prepared by yourself.

Business Stories:

Write down some of your business stories. You don't even know any more names, you can write it in your diary. You will understand the benefits of writing a diary in the future, when your story will be sold at a great price, at a time pictures were taken will also be sold.