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There is no one who doesn't love drawing. From small toddlers to end-of-age people can be seen taking hand-colored pencils. There are many tools for drawing images. Just as a painting can be done with a pencil or pen, different colors, coal and even colored paper can be painted with glue.

Color refers to a type of liquid or semiconductor mixture that is applied to a surface like a thin layer, which then dries and becomes a permanent solid colored coating on that surface. Generally, powders of mineral dyes found in nature are produced by suspending or stopping any substance or substance (called a medium of color) in a liquid.

Oil, water, gum, etc. can be used as a color medium. Then this color is usually applied on a flat surface with the help of cotton. The color can be diluted with water or any other solvent or lubricant. Color is used in the process of painting or protecting a surface from the weather.

Color Picking:

Many times a beautiful picture has been completely destroyed by forgetting only the color. There are several things to do in this regard.

If you paint colored trees, it should not be a problem.

If you want to use color just fine, look at the background more.

Light in darker colors and darker objects in light colors are much higher. For example, if you are painting a black sky for painting at night, the light in the house will be quite blurred if you do not dye it with some light yellow or orange colors.

Learn color combinations. As with green, red, orange, yellow, it will not mix blue, sky or gray. You can see with a little bit of paper on each color. As well as the color combination you can understand yourself.

Some Color Types:

Poster Color:

Poster color is one of the favorite mediums for drawing children. It is mainly the color of the water medium (water-based). These colors are mixed with water and painted. However, poster color can be called opaque watercolor. Poster colors are heavier and thicker than watercolors. This is called an opaque color. The reason is that when one color is applied over another, the previous color is completely covered. The existence of the previous color is lost. 

Poster colors are available in different shades or in different shades of glass. It is stored in the form of thick paste in the oven. The dye is taken out of the vial and mixed with water and used in the paper. The poster color is usually painted on paper with color. The advantage of using poster colors on a slightly crisp texture paper. In order to retain the brightness in the picture, multiple cotton and clean water should be used. It is possible to paint any kind of poster color.

Acrylic Color:

Acrylic colors are available in various shapes, in the form of tubes, in both glass and plastic shells. It is possible to paint on any paper, board or canvas with acrylic colors. It is also a largely opaque color. However, it is thin and can be used as watercolor. Paints can be painted as the color dries very quickly. As a result, acrylic paint is a very favorite medium for artists at this time. Acrylic is available in all colors. The color that is available in the market as plastic color is also acrylic. However, it is more liquid than acrylic paint. Plastic paint is mixed with water to draw.

Water Color:

The color that is mixed with water is painted and the color that is transparent is called watercolor. The watercolor box is like a charcoal tablet with small consumptions. Available in different states also. However, water is formed in the tube like paste. Watercolor and poster color are very close but qualitatively different. The watercolor is transparent and thin. The previous color cannot be covered with one color over another. Being transparent, the two colors are the same color. Watercolors are commonly used on paper. A slightly thicker and crisp texture paper is best suited for drawing watercolors. The thick cartridge that is available in our country can be painted with water.

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