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Calculator at Cheap Price in Bangladesh

The English word ‘Calculator’ means a counting machine. It helps in counting something. It is a calculator that runs on batteries, solar, or electricity. The battery, which is usually placed inside, is its power source and does not need to be connected to any type of line. The calculator does not work when the calculator is used or when the battery life is over, then you have to put a new battery in it.

Types of Calculator 

There are different types of calculators in terms of structure and size. There are generally two types of calculators, normal and scientific calculators. A normal and simple calculator is small in size and has about 20 to 30 buttons. And the scientific calculator is quite large. It has a lot of functions. It has more than 40 buttons. They also cost more than a normal calculator.

Some calculators can be turned on and off using ON / AC and OFF and some calculators can be turned on and off using only the ON button. However, it can be turned off instantly with the help of AC by pressing the shift button.

Some Advantages of Calculator

Many large mathematical problems can be solved in a very short time with the help of calculators. It is very difficult and time-consuming to solve many big mathematical problems by hand. So the help of a calculator is taken to make big and complex calculations. Also with the help of a scientific calculator matrix, vector, big equations can be solved very easily.

A calculator is one of the most important accessories used in the offices for performing arithmetical operations on numbers. It is demanding among the students also. Now you can buy a calculator online. Browse through for an amazing collection of calculators for your daily need. offers a wide variety of scientific calculators, a touch calculator, a solar calculator, a digital calculator, a slim pocket calculator, and much more for you to choose from. Pick one according to your demand from our site.

Some Popular and Useful Calculators That Are Available In AjkerDeal

Casio FX-991ES Plus Scientific Calculator 

The brand of this calculator is Casio. It is a scientific calculator. The model number of this calculator is fx-991ES Plus. Its color is gray and white mixed. The calculator has two-way power. 

Solar Touch Calculator

This is a 6 digit digital solar touch mini size calculator. Its material is PS. It runs on solar, no battery required. Its special features are transparent, 

study accessory, solar power, 8 digit design, etc. The calculator’s size is 12cm x 8cm x 0.6cm.

12 Digit Electronic Calculator

The calculator has a two-way power system, solar, and battery. It also has the facility of a two-way power check and correct replay. It has a 12 digit support system.

Casio FX-991MS Scientific Calculator 

The Casio Fx-991MS is a scientific calculator. It has a two-line LCD display. It contains 12 digits of plastic buttons. It has more than 240 functions available.

Deli E39217 Calculator 

The calculator has 8 digit metal buttons. Its material is plastic. Its size is 105 × 63 × 15 mm. Its color is white. It has an auto power-off function. 

Deli Scientific Calculator  D991ESVV

It is a pocket-size scientific calculator. It has 16 digits. Its model number is D991es plus. The battery type of this calculator is two coin batteries. 

It has an LED display. The brand name is Deli and the calculator is made in China.

Deli 1589 Standard Calculator

Deli 1589 standard calculator has an ‘OFF’ and also a’ back’ button calculator. It has a big LCD. It has 12 digits button with a dual power system. It is a business type electronic calculator. 

It maintains good quality with strong packing. The calculator is made in China.

The touch calculator comes with a slim and portable design and provides you the opportunity to carry whenever you need it. They also come with a transparent flat panel, large LCD display, solar-powered function, vibrant colors for your comfortable and flexible use. They are also ideal to provide accurate and quick results within the minimum usage of time.

Besides, there is also the scientific calculator available at our site which can perform more than 250 calculating and statistical functions with state data editor. There is also another feature like independent memory, auto power-off, trigonometric functions, regression computing, and many others. Get one from our site and have a happy online shopping experience.

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