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Tennis is one of the most popular games all over the world. Experience the best tennis performance with the right tennis accessories online. Buy all types of tennis accessories online from the largest online shopping mall in Bangladesh,

Whether you play tennis at home for fun, or for practice or for winning a competition, you need the perfect tennis accessories. Click on our site for the wide collection of tennis products and pick your needs from them according to your choice. Find the perfect tennis accessories for your needs from

Some Popular Courts of Table Tennis 

Hard Court

This court is generally made of cement, that’s why it becomes hard. Sometimes, a thin acrylic cover is given over the court to make it harder. The ball regularly bounces on it and very quickly. The Australian Open Tennis and The US Open Tennis is played in this court.  

The Grass Court

Grass courts usually play on grass grown on hard soil. That’s why the court is softer than others. Who serves, he get extra advantages, but it mainly depends on the size and the way of trimming the grasses. In the past, the grass-court was very popular. But the maintenance cost of this court is very high, so nowadays it can be seen hardly. Among the Grand Slam Tournaments, only Wimbledon Tennis is still played on the grass court.

The Carpet Court

Generally, a carpet court is a court that is temporary and is made of rubber. This court is used temporarily in indoor games. This court is pretty quick, but it lowers the bounce. Currently, in a major tournament,

the carpet court is not used. A long time ago the Kremlin Cup, Paris Masters, etc. used to be played on the carpet court.

The Clay Court

The mud court or clay court is made of stone, soft rock, and brick powder. The only French Open is played in the clay court. This type of court will slow down when the ball falls to the ground. For those players who rely on Serve, playing in this court is very difficult for them. These courts are usually played in Latin America and Europe.

There are Some Table Tennis Accessories That Are Available at AjkerDeal 

Tennis Table With Wheel

It is a ninja superior roller tennis table. This table offers an MDF wood bounce. It has the playback mode for practice. It is very compact and also thin for storage. It has a height feet adjustable system for uneven floors. Each of the wheels has brakes for adding stability to it. There are also two separate halves for compact storage. This special tennis table is given a one-year STIGA warranty.

But any net, bats or balls are not given with this table, they have to buy separately.

Table Specifications- surface thickness is 12 mm, no included net is available, It can be played indoor, the weight of the table is 62 kgs and can be divided into two halves. It is made in China. The table has a 1-year warranty. The storage size is 152.5cm x 165cm x 53cm. The assembly time is 30 Minutes. 

Boom Blast Tape Tennis Ball

It is a copy product. A packet contains a total of 3 balls. Brand New products with high-quality.

Sweat Band Set

This sweatband set is made for both wrist and head. It is made in China. The set is high quality and comfortable. It is good for blocking sweat from running down the face while playing or working out. The set is easily washable and won't overstretch. Wearing this set can make you

stylish and gives a great look.

Pro Young Table Tennis Bat Set With Ball

This set contains two bats and three balls, which are good for playing table tennis. The bat and balls are made of high quality. 

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