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Buy Camping Accessories of Tent Online in Bangladesh


A tent is one of the camping accessories that have various reasons to use for recreational purposes. Traditionally tents are used for the shelters, now tents are used as overhead shelters for campings to enjoy the recreational activity and to take a break in order to enjoy the wilderness.

While looking for camping tents online in Bangladesh you get the best ones in Ajkerdeal, the largest online shop in Bangladesh. Here you find various kinds of products at the best price. 


Features Of Tents

For the sake of good campings, a particular tent served the main purpose to shelter on the outside world. It has considered some features of tent capacity that show the size and average person to include on the tents. Tent hight & sizes also a concern to make sure that works for you. 

There have also included the aspects of tents included tent ratings, tent ventilation, tent windows, rainfly, vestibule, tent doors, tent poles, footprints, interior pockets & hooks. 

Types Of Tents

There are many types of tents in spending the adventurous lives of trekking, camping and fishing. Such as-

  • Dome Tent
  • A-Frame or Wedged Tent
  • Multi-Room Tent
  • Backpacking Tent
  • Geodesic and Semi Geodesic Tent
  • Pop Up Tent
  • Tunnel Tent
  • TeePee Tent
  • Family Tent
  • Folding campers and Trailer Tent
  • Inflatable Tent
  • Tupiq Tent
  • Loue Tent
  • Kohte Tent
  • Bell Tent


Camping Tents In Bangladesh

Our AjkerDeal Online site arranged everything for the respective customers especially for adventurous people who collected camping and trekking accessories of Trekking Tents, Backpacks, Sleeping Bags, Bottles and Cutlery, Trekking furniture, Headlamp, torch, lantern, Prismatic Compass, Binoculars etc.  

Tents find on different types, designs and shapes to intensify the experience of any hiking trip which connects camping. Let's have a look at the listed products of Camping tents.

  • Three Person Tents
  • Waterproof Tents
  • Automatic Popup Tent
  • Yoga Meditation Practice, Yoga Net
  • Camping Tent
  • 5 Person Waterproof Army Camping Tents
  • Ozark Trail Dome Tent For 4 to 6 Person
  • One Person Tent 
  • Army Printed Designer Tent For 3 Person
  • Army Printed Designer Tent For 2 Person
  • Camo Army Waterproof Tent
  • Advertising Promotional Canopy Tent
  • Camping Travel Rainproof Automatic Tent
  • 2 Person Waterproof Tent
  • Camping Tent For Single Person

Buy Camping Accessories of Tent From

Our Ajkerdeal online customers will find various categorized Camping, Fishing, Trekking product collection. Have a look at the listed products of Camping accessories Tents in our site.


Ozark Trail Dome Tent For 4 to 6 Person

Enjoy your camping with this Ozark Trail 9ftx & 8ft Dome Tent. It has a center height of 4 feet size, which allows you to change position comfortably. There's room enough inside for up to four people. The weatherproof design of this Ozark Trail dome tent will keep you sheltered from the elements.

Camping Tent 

Camping Tent is suitable for 1 to 2 Persons.  It has sizes in 200 (L), 150(W), 100 (H) CM. These tents can be lugged by backpackers because they are adequately light so easy to carry in the outsider spots.

Yoga Meditation Practice Net 

This yoga meditation net is also referred to as the anti-mosquito net. This type of tent is considered the Tiptop tent that has been used by outdoor enthusiasts yogis wanting to meditate outdoors.

Automatic Pop Up Tent

It can be taken as an easy carry-on and will comfortably fit in the airplane overhead bin. This tent is lightweight, roomy, portable and durable with the free-standing tent pops quick automatic opening.

Waterproof Tent for 2 Person 

This style of tent is easy to set up and a relatively high center point which giving you a decent amount of room and headspace. This waterproof dome type tent is limited in size and perfect for two persons. 

Camping Tent For 3 People

While you are picking the right tent, do pay close attention to its size and bulk, a material used, and ease of pitching before you factor in the cost. This will ensure that you have to sturdy and manageable tent, instead of a cheap, but complicated contraption from our ajkerdeal site.

Army Printed Designer Tent For 3 Person

Tents are used as various reasons for habitation by nomads, recreational campers, soldiers, and disaster victims. Usually, it is also used for weddings, backyard parties, festivals, major corporate events, excavation (construction) covers, and industrial shelters. 




While looking for Camping and trekking tents online in Bangladesh you will get the best ones in Ajkerdeal, the largest online shop in Bangladesh.