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Boxing is one of the most popular games all over the world which defines the fast action movement and realistic amusement. Buy all types of boxing accessories online from the largest online shopping market in Bangladesh,

Variety Of Boxing Gloves


There is a wide variety of boxing gloves available at our site which provides an amazing experience during training, practice or fitness class. They are made of good quality material for comfortable and convenient use.

Desktop Punching Ball



Desktop punching ball refers to an easy way to practice boxing. It has an air pump in case the ball’s air is gone. The Air pump helps to enter the air to the punching ball. Desktop punching ball has a heavy duty spring large strong suction cup. Dimensions available in 13.5 "x 7.25". It is very durable and long lasting. 

Boxing Teeth Guard Accessories


There is a boxing teeth guard which is made of non-toxic silicone material. They also come in a wide variety of sizes so that you can pick the perfect one according to your choice.

Knee Support Advance Protection For Boxer 


Knee support braces are found with a many sizes, colors, and designs. Knee support belts are also available in the markets for athletes. These types of Knee support braces are made from combinations of foam, strap, metal, plastic and elastic materials. 


Knee Support advance protection braces are supported to be worn when you have the pain in your knee. Sports players use them to protect their knee over sudden injuries or prevent knee injuries during sports.

Boxing Gloves For Fighter 


We provide the three layers of protective foam (3,2 cm thick) boxing gloves with attached thumb. Palm holes for breathability. Anti-microbial inner lining. Inner cord for a more secure fit and better strike accuracy. Boxing gloves are double stitching to increase product durability. Large velcro fastening for better wrist support.

Protective Boxing Headgear


There is boxing headgear which comes in a wide variety of colors for you to choose from. Boxing Headgear found with full face type which is called a face saver. Face saver helps to avoid the scourge of boxing. Buy the best boxing headgear at the best price from

Adjustable Stand Punching Bag



Adjustable Stand Punching Bag is so adjustable. It is made with a PU (polyurethane) material and Height is  70cm~105cm/27.5"-41.4". This is a type of Standing Bag Punching Bag. It is also perfect for the 5 to 15 year age people. If you want a Red & Black colour adjustable stand punching bag then visit ajkerdeal site.

Wrist Wraps For Men & Women


Wrist wraps are also very important for boxers or any person who exercises everyday like gymnastics. Wrist wraps professional grade wrist support braces for men and  women which helps to weight lifting Xfit powerlifting strength training.  

Iron Knuckles Fist Fighting Equipment


Iron Knuckles Fist Fighting Equipment is made of steel material. It is a type of Self Defense Equipment and weighs about 100gm. If you want iron Knuckles Fist Fighting Equipment then browse our site and get the very small size of outdoor Self-defense equipment at a reasonable price. 

Men’s Supporter Set For Boxing Game


Stay protected with the men’s supporter set. The supporter features a 3” elastic waistband with a soft pouch, snap closure and non-curl straps. The cup is made of hard contoured plastic with a cushioned edge for comfort and two holes for ventilation.

Boxing Bag & Gloves Set For Kids



There is also a boxing bag and gloves set for kids also available at This youth boxing set includes everything you need to get started. The punch bag is made of the soft quality material for the safety of kids. The gloves are made of the high-quality material with thickening foam which is flexible and breathable to wear.

Shop For Boxing Accessories From Ajkerdeal Site provides a wide variety of sports accessories for you to choose from. Buy boxing products online from and enjoy a hassle-free online shopping experience with us. 

Red Boxing Set For Kids As Gift Item


We provide the best Red Boxing Bag & Gloves boxing set which is available for Kids. Suitable for age 4 - 6 years kids who love to play boxing games. This is a brand new boxing product with a faux leather made of gloves and size is 43 X 18 Cm Approx. It is the perfect gift for children so that kids are comfortable to use it.