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Badminton Racket & Accessories Price in Bangladesh

Looking for badminton racket price or badminton accessories price in Bangladesh? Badminton is a popular game all over the world. It is also one of the most popular games in Bangladesh. Buy badminton rackets online in Bangladesh at the cheapest price with good service. 


In our country, it is very common to found people playing Badminton with rackets in the winter season. Badminton racket and shuttlecock is very commonly found online. Let’s

find the cheapest badminton racket price in Bangladesh online in AjkerDeal. Usually, the badminton racket price is very low in Bangladesh.

History of Badminton

The first badminton started in 1870 in Pune, India. The game was not very popular before it was taken from India to England by an English soldier Duke. Duke was very interested in the game badminton. The name of his village’s name was badminton. The game was first held at the Duke's home in Gloucester, England. Founded in Cheltenham, England in 1934, the game badminton was included in the 1986 Asian Games.

Improve Your Skills In Badminton

It is also possible to gain some skills in the game of badminton, such as playing badminton with the ability to aim at something, targeting for something steady. You can develop your shuttling skills also. So, Find the perfect badminton racket online to enhance your gaming experience.

Tools Needed to Play Badminton


The post is the pole with which the net is tied. The height of the two poles will be 5 feet 1 inch from the floor of a flat court. This post should also be set on the sideline.


The height of the top of the net from the floor near the pillars will be 5 feet 1 inch. The net will be 2:1/2 feet wide.


A shuttlecock will be needed for the game and 1 or 2 more shuttlecocks will be ready so that the game can be continued with the help of extras if one is lost. The weight of the shuttle will not be more than 5.50 grams and less than 4.64 grams. There will be 14 to 16 feathers.

Badminton Racket

Badminton rackets are needed for serving. Each of the players needs a racket.

Badminton Grip

To play easily for long hours, a badminton grip is attached to the handle of the badminton racket.

What Does Shuttlecock Mean?

A cork is an intertwined feather that is formed with a cone shape. It is used for the games struck with rackets, badminton, and battledore. Badminton shuttle used for badminton play which is usually lightweight. The name Shuttlecock is abbreviated as Shuttle.

Variety Of Shuttlecock 

There is a wide variety of shuttlecock in several pieces available at our site. Goose Feather Shuttlecock, Chaopai Shuttlecock, Nylon Shuttlecock, Yonex Shuttlecock, Mavis 200i Shuttlecock are available on the market. So, Find the perfect shuttlecock for proper speed online in Bangladesh. 

A Perfect Badminton Racket

Increasing some skills in the game of badminton. Even, Develop your shuttling skills with the perfect badminton racket online in Bangladesh. Browse through our site for superior quality badminton rackets and accessories at the best price. Some of the rackets are- Yonex badminton racket, Yonex badminton full sets, and more. The Yonex badminton rackets are best for playing. Moreover, the Yonex badminton full set is also best for playing badminton. 


Popular Brands Of Badminton Rackets

Whether you are playing a badminton racket for fun or for winning a competition, you will always need the perfect one. Browse through our site for badminton from popular brands including Yonex, Wilson, Golden Wing, Ashaway, and many more.

Making the Environment Ready to Play Badminton

You need to choose a suitable place to play badminton at the beginning. It is needed to cut the court according to the specified size and arrange lights on both sides if you play at night. You can buy a court cut, board, and bamboo for one thousand taka. It will cost about two and a half thousand taka to buy a secure electricity connection and LED lights.

Buy a net and place it at a certain height with bamboo on both sides. After that, rackets and shuttlecocks are usually available in the market for between 500 to 5,000 taka. Also, a good pair of shoes and clothes are important for playing badminton. As it is a fast-moving sport, it is necessary to wear flexible shorts, or trousers and a jersey. A player will be able to play badminton all year round if he has all the necessary things available.

The Court Size of Badminton

There are usually two types of badminton courts.

  1. Single court and

  2. Dual court.

The single court’s size is 44 feet long, 18 feet wide and the double court’s size is 44 feet long, 20 feet wide.

Single Game

A game in which one opponent is played by a player is called a single game.

Dual Game

A game in which two defensive players play against each other is called a double game.


The winner of the toss will serve first or receive first. Opposing players will serve from the left.


A total of 2 players from both sides participated in the singles match. A total of 4 players from both sides participated in the doubles match.

Rules for Playing Badminton

Badminton courts are flat rectangular. Its length is 13.4 meters or 44 feet in both singles and doubles. The width of the double court is 8.1 meters or 20 feet, the unit is 5.16 meters or 18 feet. The height of the net is 1.55 meters or five feet one inch.


In both singles and doubles, the game is usually 15 to 21 points. If both the players or teams score 20-20 points, then they have to win by a margin of 2 points, i.e. 16-18, 22-20, etc.


Deuce is when the points of both teams are equal. In this case, the person or team found before the maximum 30 points will be the winner. The team that wins two of the three games, will be the winner of the game.

Professional Badminton Players Participate In The Olympic

Increase your gaming skill and your gaming performance like a professional badminton player with badminton rackets online in Bangladesh. There are many sports in the world, badminton is one of the most popular sports after tennis. Badminton sports are widely played in Asian countries. Badminton players also participate in the Olympic Games and events.

Best Quality Of Badminton Racket & Accessories Collection

Ajkerdeal provides some best quality of Badminton Racket & Accessories collection which is available in BD. So, let’s have a look at the products such as - Yonex nylon badminton shuttlecocks, Yonex voltric Badminton racket, Badminton feathers, Badminton net, Badminton Or Racket Grips, etc. 

Badminton Racket & Accessories Online in Bangladesh

Badminton Racket & Accessories are made from high-quality material for convenient and comfortable use. They come in a lightweight design for easy handling and accurate shot delivery. They also come in a wide variety of colors so that you may pick one according to your choice. 

Product Details of some Badminton Racket is Given Below- 

Dmantis Badminton Racket & Sea Lion Feather Combo Set

Ajkerdeal provides the Badminton offers a combo of Racket and shuttlecock sets. Dmantis Badminton Racket (copy) but the new design and Built-in joints. These rackets weigh about 85-100gm. It looks super slim also included Strings and a Carbon graphite shaft. 

Combo set consists of a Sea Lion Shuttlecock which is a strong teal feather with a durable foam head. Fast volley and constant flight. This badminton combo set is perfect for casual play and Ideal for practice. This racket gives great service.

Badminton Net

The Badminton net is also important for the badminton players. It is made with cotton, fiber polypropylene material. The net hole is 2.5cm and the size is 6.1m x 0.76m. This badminton net is designed for professionals. Order now online and enjoy an amazing experience of playing badminton. Find the perfect badminton racket as per your playing style and game need online in Bangladesh. 

Badminton Racket Set For Kids

Kids love to play badminton games, their badminton game rules are easy and they can play badminton as they wish. We provide the best quality of badminton set for kids with a badminton feather and a plastic ball.   

Badminton Set For Children's Play

We offer the badminton set for children’s play. This set is a suitable sport for kids which is easily played by them. It is very lightweight so it is easy to carry. This badminton set consists of two badminton rackets and one shuttlecock at the cheapest price in Bangladesh. 

The Benefits of Playing Badminton

Badminton is a popular winter sport. There are many benefits to the body in this game. It keeps you away from stress.


Regular playing badminton refreshes the mind. This game increases interest and concentration to work. It also relieves mental fatigue and increases focus on work. As a result, whatever you do becomes more effective. This game both develops and increases intelligence.


This game needs heavy hard work, almost all the muscles of the body are used while playing this game. So badminton is very effective to lose weight fast.


The habit of playing badminton will lead you on the path of staying active and functional. Staying active will prevent bone loss.


Badminton burns more calories than any other sport. If you can develop the habit of playing badminton regularly, you will be able to lose 5 kg of weight per month.


In addition to this, the muscles of almost all parts of the body including arms, legs, and back will be strengthened, the joints will be active and healthy, and the flexibility of these muscles will also be increased by playing badminton.


Playing badminton reduces anxiety and increases social contact. Delivers plenty of oxygen to every cell in the body.

Caution Before Playing Badminton

Check the electrical line to avoid danger in the game of badminton. If the court is high and low, level it. You must warm-up before the game starts, otherwise, you may get muscle strain. Play with sneakers and loose clothing. Avoid faulty rackets, so that no one else is injured.


Those who have problems in their eyes should refrain from playing in low light. You can put saline and drinking water in the playground. One should not play for a long time at a time, occasional breaks should be taken. Keep electrical connections and play equipment in a safe place at the end of the game, which will make the next game easier.


  1. What are the rules for playing badminton? 

Answer: The scoring system of badminton is:

  • A match consists of the best of 3 games of 21 points.

  • Every time there is a service, there is a point scored.

  • The side winning a rally adds a point to its score.

  • The side which gains a 2 point lead first, wins that game.

  • The side scoring the 30th point wins that game.

  1. What are the lines for singles badminton? 

Answer: A single service court is a box that is made from four lines. They are-

  • The centerline,

  • A single sideline,

  • The front service line,

  • The backline.

  1. What is the fault in badminton? 

Answer: A Badminton fault is simply an act or an event that ends the game. A fault awards a point against the player or pair that committed the fault. 

  1. Why is it called badminton? 

Answer: The game badminton came from a village, which was the home of the Duke of Beaufort in the English county of Gloucestershire. Duke brought the game to India in 1873.

  1. Can you touch the net in badminton? 

Answer: No, it is not permissible to touch the net of badminton while playing. The player would lose the rally by doing it.

Buy Badminton Racket & Accessories BD provides a wide variety of sports items online for you to choose from. Check for badminton racket prices in Bangladesh and purchase badminton rackets and other accessories online and enjoy a hassle-free online shopping experience with us.