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Badminton Racket & Accessories Price in Bangladesh



Looking for badminton racket price in Bangladesh or badminton accessories price? Badminton is a popular game all over the world. It is also one of the most popular games in Bangladesh. Buy a badminton racket online from the largest online shopping mall in Bangladesh,

Improve Your Skills In Badminton


It is also possible to gain some skill in the game of badminton, such as playing badminton with the ability to aim at something, targeting for something steady. You can develop your shuttling skills also. So, Find the perfect badminton racket online to enhance your gaming experience.

Looking For A Perfect Badminton Racket!


Increasing some skill in the game of badminton. Even, Develop your shuttling skills with the perfect badminton racket online from Browse through our site for the superior quality badminton rackets and accessories at the best price.

What Does Shuttlecock Mean?


A cork is basically intertwined feathers which are formed with a cone shape. It is used for the games struck with rackets, badminton and battledore. Badminton shuttle used for badminton play which is usually lightweight. The name Shuttlecock is abbreviated as Shuttle.

Variety Of Shuttlecock 


There is a wide variety of shuttlecock in a number of pieces available at our site. Goose Feather Shuttlecock, Chaopai Shuttlecock, Nylon Shuttlecock, Yonex Shuttlecock, Mavis 200i Shuttlecock are available on the market. So, Find the perfect shuttlecock for proper speed from 

Popular Brands Of Badminton Rackets


Whether you are playing a badminton racket for fun or for winning a competition, you will always need the perfect one. Browse through our site for badminton from the popular brands including Yonex, Wilson, Golden Wing, Ashaway and many more. 

Professional Badminton Players Participate In The Olympic


Increase your gaming skill and your gaming performance like a professional badminton player with badminton rackets online from There are many sports in the world, badminton is one of the most popular sports after tennis. Badminton sports are widely played in Asian countries. Badminton players also participate in Olympic Games and events.

Best Quality Of Badminton Racket & Accessories Collection



Ajkerdeal provides some best quality of Badminton Racket & Accessories collection which is available in BD. So, let’s have a look at the products such as- Yonex nylon badminton shuttlecocks, Yonex voltric Badminton racket, Badminton feathers, Badminton net, Badminton Or Racket Grips etc. 

Badminton Racket & Accessories 


Badminton Racket & Accessories are made from high-quality material for convenient and comfortable use. They come in the lightweight design for easy handling and accurate shot delivery. They also come in a wide variety of colors so that you may pick one according to your choice. 

Dmantis Racket & Sea Lion Feather Combo Set 


Ajkerdeal provides the Badminton offers a combo of Racket and shuttlecock sets. Dmantis Badminton Racket (copy) but new design and Built-in joints. These rackets weigh about 85-100gm. It looks super slim also included with Strings and Carbon graphite shaft. 


Combo set consists of a Sea Lion Shuttlecock which is a strong teal feather with a durable foam head. Fast volley and constant flight. This badminton combo set is perfect for casual play and Ideal for practice. 

Badminton Net



Badminton net is also important for the badminton players. It is made with cotton, fiber polypropylene material. Net hole is 2.5cm and size is 6.1m x 0.76m. This badminton net is designed for professionals. Order now from online and enjoy an amazing experience of playing badminton. Find the perfect badminton racket as per your playing style and game need from 

Badminton Racket Set For Kids 


Kids love to play badminton games, their badminton game rules are easy and they can play badminton as they wish. We provide the best quality of badminton set for kids with a badminton feather and a plastic ball.   

Badminton Set For Children's Play 



We offer the badminton set for children’s play. This set is a suitable sport for kids which is easily played by them. It is very lightweight so it is easy to carry. This badminton set consists of two badminton rackets and one shuttlecock. If you are looking for this set then visit ajkerdeal site and get it at a suitable price. 

Check Ajkerdeal Site For Badminton Racket & Accessories provides a wide variety of sports items online for you to choose from. Check for badminton racket prices in Bangladesh and buy badminton online and enjoy a hassle-free online shopping experience with us.