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Souvenir is a French word which means to keep a memory. Anything which poses any memory from past events is called souvenir. A souvenir can be any object that can be collected, purchased or transferred. The souvenir does not have a minimum or maximum purchase value so the value is determined on the importance of the object. Throughout the globe, souvenir industry has grown along with the tourism industry. It allows the local people to grow their economy by selling them and the tourist to have something memorable of their tour. It also acts as a promoter for the locals. It promotes and encourages tourists to visit the place in the future. Souvenir also includes products that produced in limited numbers, such as limited edition collectable, watches, phones etc. in some culture souvenirs are considered as gifts. When people go on a tour the bring back these for their friends, families or co-workers. Ajker deal is the first online shop to provide you with souvenirs. You can buy souvenirs online in Bangladesh. Ajkerdeal is helping you for shopping online this kind of rare souvenirs.


Coins are the most common souvenir around the world. Wherever people go, they will bring coins from different cultures. We have some antique coins which you can buy online from ajkerdeal. We have coins of ancient Egypt. Ancient Egypt was one of the first civilizations to use metal coins as currency. You can buy a Nefertiti metal coin. It is a souvenir from the time of Queen Nefertiti. She was the wife of Pharaoh Akhenaten in the 1400th B.C. Nefertiti and her husband was famous for religious revolution in Egypt. They used to worship one god, the sun. and they promoted Egyptian artwork. You can buy the coin online from us. There is another coin, Titan Commemorative Coin. it is a gold plated coin very beautiful and well-polished coin. You can collect it or give it to someone as a gift. The coin is 40 mm in diameter and 3 mm in thickness. It is indeed a beautiful coin to poses. We also have a statue of liberty non-currency coin. It is silver plated and very beautiful coin. We have silver eagle coin, FIFA 2018 coin, closeup magic coins and most interesting the Mayan coins. Mayans are a civilization. They were famous for their art, architecture, calendars, astronomical system and a well-developed writing system. There is another interesting coin from the comic book universe. The coin of two-faced Harvy Dent. He was the District Attorney of a fictional city of Gotham. In an accident, he lost his half-face and a dual personality was developed in him. He had a lucky coin which he used to flip to make a decision. There are many other coins in our collection. You can order them online and you can have them delivered at your place.

Other Souvenir:

There are other more souvenir in We have coin boxes for you to keep your coin collection. You can keep up to 30 coins in a box. The boxes are curved. We have coin album, stamp album. It the stamp album you can collect up to 200 stamps. We have beautiful rocks and gold foil dollar bills.

Ajkerdeal has the biggest online souvenir collection from which you can choose and buy them at a reasonable price.