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Open Pores Problem

Large and open follicles in one’s face become a barrier to beauty and can cause acne and blackheads problems, especially for people with oily skin. The follicles often close with excess sebum, dirt, and bacteria. Blackheads make hair follicles big and visible. When exposed to sunlight for a long time, the hair follicles open as it collagen collapses and reduces the elasticity of the hair follicle walls. In the same way, the exposed hair follicles lose their elasticity and show greater age. For genetic reasons, hair follicles are exposed without stress and skincare. But follicles are a natural part of your skin and cannot be removed completely. 

Mengfu Shrinkage Pore Serum-30 ML

Mengfu Shrinkage Pore serum, the size available is a 30 ml bottle. It is made in China. You can get three solutions from this serum:

  1. Blocked pores,
  2. Oily pores,
  3. Clean pores.

It has to use at night before sleeping.


This serum should be used after using a nose strip mask and after cleansing the skin.

A small amount should be taken and applied to the blackheads. Then it should be massaged gently until it is not absorbed in the skin. It can be used only in the face.

Acne Problem

The sebaceous gland releases the sebaceous liquid in the human face.

When the mouth of this gland is closed, then the sebum is being discharged and swells. It is called acne. Moreover, there is inflammation around the acne and it can be turned into red color. When germs are infected, it is capitalized. If the infection is already healed, it can leave a spot on the face. 

Acne Cream VIN21 Skin Care Treatment Product 10g

This cream helps to reduce acne. It works by reducing the chance of clogging. It also works with the dark spots that have been created by the acnes.

BioAqua Anti Acne Control And Skur Remove Face Care-30g

The product is cream-typed. The brand name is Bioaqua and the country or region of manufacture in China. The certificate number is GZZZ. It is made for unisex. The main ingredient is witch hazel extract’s essence. The special feature of this cream is the treatment of acne.

Rough Legs:

One’s face is smooth, but their feet and ankles can be cramped. To get rid of this problem, can help you.

Electric Foot Callus Remover With USB Cable

The electric foot Callus remover is a smart device that is designed to smooth rough, dry, and calloused skin on the feet. This device effectively and gently buffs away and gives smooth skin in a minute. The wireless electric callus remover has no blades but works faster.

It is also safer than metal scrapers. This pedicure device is only for the feet and heels. This foot callus remover device easily fits into the palm. It has a non-slip design of the handle that makes it more comfortable.

Some Other Products That are Available in AjkerDeal

We provide steam inhaler for the beauty and good health of your skin. They are easy to operate and use also. They are also effective to treat blocked sinuses, coughs and colds.

There is a beauty massager that comes with various brush heads with different functions. They can be used to effectively deep clean and massage your face and body skin. They can simply operate with a battery and provide you a wonderful beauty instrument.

Save your skin from dryness and moisture your skin with body lotion from They are ideal to form a protective barrier against pollution and sun damage.

Reduce age spots, pimples, dark spot and get a whiter, cleaner and luminous complexion with beauty cream. Click on our site for a number of stretch mark removal cream, spot out the cream, fairness cream and many more for the complete care of your skin. They are also suitable for all types of skin.

There is anti-itch cream to give you relief from itching to avoid skin irritation, inflammation, and rashness of skin. Repair your heel with heel repairing cream from

Use lip butter, lip gel for the care of your lips. It also offers extra-intensive melt-on moisture for the lips and leaves your lips feeling soft and smooth.

Besides, there is also foot callous remover kit, olive oil, facial care kit, skin whitener, skin optimizer, soap and many more for the total care of your skin.

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