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Ladies Stylish High Heel Collection in Bangladesh

High heels make a woman self-confident and increase her beautiful. The largest online shop of Bangladesh, ajkerdeal has a great collection of ladies stylish heels in BD. you will find different style, category and size on ajkerdeal. From the huge collection select one which will increase and fulfill the beauty of your feet.

High Heels:

High heels are a kind of shoes, where the heel of the shoe is higher than toe. High heel makes the user appear taller, increases the walking efficiency, and accentuates the calf muscle and the length of the legs. High heel comes in different shapes, types or designs. The history of high heels is very long. In the 10th century, Persian warriors wore a high boots so that their feet stay over the stirrup. Heels also gave the archer riders some additional advantages. These kinds of boots are similar to modern cowboy boots. Owning a horse in those days was very costly. So, those who had horses and had heels were considered as wealthy people of society. So, heels became a symbol of social class. 

In the 12th century a statue from the Ramappa Temple was found and in the statue, there was a lady whose feet were clad in a raised shoe. So from the 12th century high heel was available in India. Then during the medieval period both men and women used to wear high footwear to raise them from trash and excrement filled streets. In the 1900s world war took place, so many countries imposed regulations on using resources. So there was a shortage in heel making materials such as silk, rubber. So the manufacturers started to replace them with cork and wood. World war was another cause of improving international relations. The cultures started to get shared through photographs and video documentary. And it helped spread the popularity of heel fashion around the world. The complex history of heels has evolved and led us to today's high heel fashion. Today, high heels are very gender based. Though few men wear high heels to appear taller, but high heels are now a symbol of women. Many public media and magazines like ‘Playboy’ portray women in an attractive and appealing way. And often they do so it using high heels. High heels now symbolize the feminism and appeal of women.

On ajkerdeal you will find a large collection of high heels. From the huge collection you can choose a pair that suits your personality and taste. These heels will increase the beauty of your feet and will make you look more attractive.

Buy High Heels:

Ajkerdeal has a huge collection of high heels. Here you will find different styles, fashions and colors of high heels. It might get difficult for you to choose one from the massive collection. To check those out, visit today. Some of the popular and best seller high heels are listed for you.

Block Heel: Block heel just do not look beautiful but they also distributes the weight of the body evenly compared to thinner heels. Because of the structure of the shoe, it takes off some pressure from the front part of your foot and puts you in a more comfortable position.

Comma Heel: Comma heels are as the name suggests shaped like a comma. These heels are a bit low and they are very attractive and eye catching.

Cone Heels: Cone heels have a thicker base of the heel for a strong base and the tip is gradually thins down. And it actually looks like a cone. These heels are versatile and they can sync with any style. They also come in different sizes.

Decorative Heels: When the shoe designers let their imagination go wild and design the shoes beyond all imaginations, decorative shoes are born. These shoes are also known as party heels. They are very gorgeous, beautiful, and attractive and eye catching. 

High Heels: Any heel that is at least 4 inches or more high can be categorized as high heels. They come in different styles, shapes, sizes and color. These are the heels mostly used to be more attractive. The heels are taller and thinner which gives the women a unique walking style.

Heels Boots: Heel boots also known as Ankle heel boots. Maybe these are the coolest pair of shoes. These are female ankle boots but with a higher heel boots. These are worn as casual footwear. They look good in any fashion and any style.

Wedge Heels: wearing heels can make you uncomfortable many times. It might cause pain in the foot if you are new. There are many girls who hates wear heels but want to appear taller. So wedge heels are the perfect champion in these situations. The unique sole of these shoes distributes the weight evenly ad gives a comfortable walking experience.

From the huge collection of various designs of high heels, you can choose the one that fits your style and order them on You just have to place an order and your shoes will be delivered to you within a few working days.