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Buy Pocket Jaynamaj Online in Bangladesh:

Jaynamaj or prayer rug is an important thing to have for every Muslim. You can now buy pocket jaynamaj online in Bangladesh. Jaynamaj is a rug that is used for prayer. It is highly recommended that the place that you are praying is clean and pure. Sometimes it is hard to be sure about the place you are praying. That is why a jaynamaj is important. You can pray on a clean jaynamaj and you are good. You can keep a pocket jaynamaj with you all the time and you can pray any time and anywhere. You will find a good collection of these pocket jaynamaj. So, visit the website and take a look at the collection.

Buy Jaynamaj on Ajkerdeal:

Ajkerdeal is the largest online shop in Bangladesh and here you will find almost every daily needed product. Ajkerdeal has the finest prayer rugs. These rugs are beautiful and they are soft and comfortable as well. It is needless to describe the importance of jaynamaj to a Muslim. You will find various jaynamaj on ajkerdeal. You will find some of the best pocket jaynamaj on ajkerdeal. So, visit the website of ajkerdeal and place an order now to have the delivery to your place within just a couple of days. 

What is Jaynamaj?

Jaynamaj Is a carpet to use on the floor during prayers. People pray standing on it. It is not compulsory to perform prayers on a prayer rug or jaynamaj. It is used to protect the prayer ground from dust. Prayer is one of the obligatory places of worship. That is why the jaynamaj should also have to be holy. It is shaped in such a way that Muslims can pray freely. The jaynamaj is made to suit one or more persons. It used by more than one person are usually used in mosques, large gatherings such as Eidgah. On the other hand, the one used by a person is used personally.

Design of a Jaynamaj:

There are many types of designs in jewelry for decoration. It depicts a variety of unnatural designs of flowers, flowers, etc. Also, the pictures of the mosque are used in the design. At times, the pictures of Mehrab are depicted in the jaynamaj. In this case, the upper part of the arches are placed towards the qibla while the body is being laid. jaynamaj is one of the symbols of Islamic culture. Though it is permitted to use any picture or design on the jaynamaj but it is prohibited to use the picture of any animal or human on it. Also, Check for Digital Tajbih in BD

Buy Pocket Jaynamaj in BD:

A pocket jaynamaj is mainly designed to be portable. It is so soft that you can fold it multiple times and keep in your backpack or pocket. Often it happens that we are out and the prayer time comes but we can not find a mosque near, that is when this jaynamaj will come handy. You will find some of the best pocket jaynamaj on ajkerdeal. So, if you are looking for one, then just visit the website of ajkerdeal and place an order now to have it delivered to your place within just a couple of business days.

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