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Ajwa, Mariyam & other Premium Quality Dates in Bangladesh | Buy Online from in this Ramadan

Holy Ramadan

The month of Ramadan is a Holy month for  the Muslims all around the world. This is the month of restraint; Muslim people rectify their souls through restraining themselves from all wrong-doings. Throughout this month, every day they fast from dawn to dusk; they break their fasting as soon as the sun goes down in the evening. The meal that Muslim people take in the evening is called the “Iftar”. In the month of Ramadan, Iftar is a very important thing for every Muslim. Every Muslim, rich or poor, tries to have some good food in the Iftar. After day-long fasting, you need a nutritious meal to get full energy. So, in your Iftar, you have to take foods those are rich energy & nutrition. So, people take fruits, milk, meat etc. in their Iftar.

Dates are very tasty fruits; they are a good source of energy as well. Traditionally Muslim people eat dates during Iftar. So there is a huge demand of dates among the Muslims all over the world during Ramadan. Bangladesh is no exception as well. Bangladeshi Muslim people like to eat dates in the Iftar. In the beginning of the Ramadan, Bangladeshi grocery shops become full of different types of dates. Besides, people also can buy good quality dates online from different shopping websites.   

Premium Quality Dates Online

Beside its huge Ramadan products collection, You can get premium quality dates online in Bangladesh from Ajwa &  Mariyam are 2 premium quality dates that are not only tasty but also full of energy. AjkerDeal offers best quality Ajwa & Mariyam dates at the cheapest price in Bangladesh. You can also buy Dabbas dates from AjkerDeal. Besides, there are red & white khurma & other fruits on the site. AjkerDeal provides the best dates in Dhaka at the lowest price. These dates are collected from reputed & reliable sellers. You can also get home delivery of your dates by AjkerDeal. So, this Ramadan, take the taste of premium quality Ajwa & Mariyam dates from