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Pets are wonderful companion of human life. Pets are greatly significant to the peoples who own them. Pets are not only great friends of us but also provide us quality entertainment every day. People used to have a wide range of pets but most common are dogs, cats, fishes, birds & rabbits. Each pet has their very distinct personality and they are bonded with us with trust and love. Having a pet is really a great decision of anyone’s life but at the same time it is a great responsibility to ensure perfect pet care. One of the most worrying concerns about pet care is giving the right food to your pets. But all over the world different online shopping sites have made that easier for you to find required pet food online.

Where to Find Best Pet Foods in Bangladesh?

AjkerDeal, The largest Online Shopping marketplace in Bangladesh brings you the most reliable collections of pet foods online. At one can find his/her required pet food for dogs, cats, fishes, birds and others easily with best offers. Pet foods from internationally recognized brands such as Petslife, Alpo, BRAAG, CeDe, Dr Fish, Purina are available here with the cheapest prices.

Best Dog Foods

Your beloved pet dog really needs a balanced diet to remain healthy always. Healthy Adult dogs usually need 18-25% protein in their diet. So dog foods must consists of meat & bone meal (beef, lamb), whole grain (corn/wheat) cereals, rice bran, vegetable oil, vitamins and minerals. From buy dog food online for your adult dogs or puppies. Choose from various Alpo adult chicken liver & veg flavor, adult beef liver & veg flavor or adult puppy beef & veg flavor dog foods.

Cat Food Online

A lot of people in our country are preferring cats as their beloved cats. Cats need food which contains high proteins, minimal carbohydrates, moderate amount of fats and other nutrients such as vitamins, amino acids, minerals etc. You can rely on AjkerDeal to buy cat food in Bangladesh easily at online with home delivery. Buy cat food online to give your cat best food from hairball salmon, adult seafood selection or adult gourmet feast cat foods.

Birds Food

Birds are really wonderful selection as pets. Finches, cockatiels, parrots, love birds are popular choices as pet birds. Different birds have different food habits. But the basic needs for the birds should be full of high fat and protein contents. AjkerDeal brings you the best quality birds’ food online in Bangladesh of the trusted birds food brand like Petslife, CeDe and others.

Best Deals on Pet Care Products At AjkerDeal

Besides pet food, browse pet care categories at to find any shampoo & lotion, water dispenser and others pet care products for your lovely pets. Receive delivery of pet care products without any doubt of quality as you know AjkerDeal does not compromise with quality. We ensure you the lowest price while you can avail discounts and other offers.