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If you have a dog then you might be thinking of dog food prices in Bangladesh. Bangladesh does not manufacture dog foods but we import various well-known brand food for your dog. To keep the dog happy, playful, active, and strong and make sure the growth of your dog, you need to feed your dog with foods that have proper protein and nutrients.

Dogs are considered as man's best friend. They are admired and loved for their loyalty towards their owners. Man and dogs are in a relationship for many many years. Researchers believe that the relationship starts from the age of caves. The caveman relied on hunting to eat. So they made a partnership with the ancestor of modern dogs. So the dog started to help them with hunting, act as an early alarm before any danger and became a constant companion of humans. The earliest confirmed domestication of dogs was found in Germany around 14000 years ago. When researchers found a grave, in which bones of a dog and a human were together. Such evidence was found in china. In modern times dogs are as much popular as cats. People all around the world have different breeds of dogs as pets. Some of the popular domestic dog breeds are Bull Dog, German shepherd, Boxer, Pomeranian, Doberman and more. These dogs are also very popular in our country as well. The owner loves and they love to go on a walk with their dogs. So the dog owners are always concerned about what to feed their dogs. To solve their problem and tension, ajkerdeal has a large online dog food supply. You can look for what your dog might like. Kitten foods and adult cat foods are available for shopping online in Bangladesh.



What to Feed Your Dog:

Unlike the cats, dog prefers diet choice that has more digestibility rather than full of protein or nutrients. Some people think that dogs are carnivores, just like a cat. But it is not a true statement. Dogs are now omnivores. Carnivore means animals that must have meat such as tigers, lions, cats etc. and omnivores are animals that can eat both vegetarian and meat to survive. So if you feed only meat to your dog, than it is not a balanced diet for it. So it is important to give your beloved dog a mix of a balanced diet. Ajkerdeal has a large collection of dog food which has all the ingredients that a dog would need as a balanced diet. You can order these dog foods online in BD on ajkerdeal. There are two types of dog foods such as wet or canned food and dry food. You can find them both on ajkerdeal.


Canned Food:

In many contexts canned food is better than dry food. Can food contain more meat protein than dry one. Because of its airtight packing it stays fresh longer. And last but not least, canned foods do not have any added flavor or color or carbohydrate. If you have an overweight dog and you want to keep it on a diet than it is important to have canned food for it. The can food is moisturized. So it can contain the same amount of nutrients that a larger volume of dry food has. So you dog will get full without eating too much. Wet foods are also helpful for older dogs who has a dental problem. Wet foods are easier for them to eat and gain the important nutrients. Wet or canned food has fewer chemical additives it is easier for dogs to chew. So it is wise to have canned food for your dog. Now you can buy canned dog food online in Bangladesh on ajkerdeal.


Dry Food for Dog Online:

If you are considering your budget than dry food or Kibble is the perfect choice for you. Nothing can beat them if you consider the budget. Unlike the canned food you can keep the food on your dog’s plate for a long time but if you keep canned food open on the plate for one or two hours than it will be contaminated. Dry foods do not need refrigeration and are more convenient overall. So, if you are considering buying dog food online in BD than you should go to Ajkerdeal is the trustworthy and largest online shop in Bangladesh which has a large collection of food for your precious dog.