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Perfume is one of the most used cosmetics for both men and women. Every class of people uses perfume and body spray in their daily life. It’s now more of a basic need than fashion. As in Bangladesh, our moisturizer level is high, so we sweat a lot. That’s why body spray or perfume is very essential in our life.

Perfume plays a big role in the beauty sense. One can express one's personality by using the perfume of one's choice. Perfume is a favorite of all men and women. But there are different types of perfumes. Perfumes are usually made with the scent of flowers. Artificially flavored perfumes are also available in the market. Those who use perfume according to their preferences and personality.

Some Problems With The Perfumes

The common chemical ingredients are used in the perfumes are methylene chloride, ethanol, benzyl alcohol, acetyl dehydrate, benzaldehyde, etc. These ingredients can cause a variety of symptoms in the human body, such as headaches, nausea, irritability, asthma, skin irritation, etc. Some of these elements can upset the balance of natural hormones in our body.

Perfumes mixed with alcohol are very harmful to the body and skin. They also have a strong odor, which can make you sick. But halal perfume does not contain harmful ingredients. So using halal perfume is good for the body.

Ways to Verify A Halal Perfume

  • To find out the ingredients that are used in the perfume, check the ingredients written on the perfume.
  • If you know that there is any haram material, refrain from buying it.
  • Only buy perfume after making sure that there are no haram ingredients in it.

Benefits of Using Perfume

Since the temperature in our country is quite warm and the humidity is high here, our body sweats a lot. And as a result of this sweat, body odor is created. The stench of sweat bothers the people around you, and you too face an embarrassing situation. That is why perfume should be used, it removes the stench of sweat from the body.

Many people think that using perfume increases concentration at work. So some people use perfume while studying. Also, a good scented perfume enhances your personality. So you can use a light scented perfume according to your personality if you want.

Islam prohibits the consumption of alcohol. Muslim People like to use halal perfumes so that they can use it even in the time of prayer also. So, halal perfumes are great demand for religious-minded people. All types of halal perfumes are now available at online according to your demand. Check on our site for a wide variety of halal perfumes online.

Refresh yourself and enjoy long-lasting fragrances all day long with alcohol-free halal perfume. Buy halal perfume online from Get your desired one from our amazing range of collections.

Some Halal Perfume And Atars That Are Available In AjkerDeal

Silver EAU DE Perfume Spray

The perfume is made in UAE. Its weight is 140 grams. The manufacturer of this perfume is Al-Rehab. Its size is 35ml. The perfume is suitable for men and women. The ingredients are- water, alcohol, fragrance, Benzophenone-2, etc. 

LORD Spray Perfume

The country of manufacture is Dubai. This perfume weighs 50 ml. It is quite long-lasting. 

White London (AL NUAIM)

This perfume is imported from India and it also made in India. It weights 6ml. The perfume is 100% alcohol-free and 100% original.

New Khalta Al Haramain 

This is original Al Haramain Atar in a sealed box. It is a high-quality oriental woody musky ambery. It has a long-lasting flavor. The atar is free from alcohol. It is ideal for men and women. It is made in U.A.E. 

Specifications of Khalta Al Haramain Attar-

Brand name- Al Haramain, Fragrance name- Khalta Gold, Weight - 165g, Height - 11.5cm, Width- 6.1cm, Depth- 4.6cm, Quantity- 12 ml, Fragrance type - concentrated oil,Type of the bottle - glass bottle.

Description of Khalta Al Haramain Attar

100% Original in condition and fresh. It is made for long-lasting use. A gorgeous blended perfume oil with oud, amber, and floral notes.

Jannatul Firdous, Red Rose, Silver, and Royal Power Atar

This atar is 100% alcohol-free. The atar has 4 different flavors, each of the atar’s size is 6 ml. They last longer than 12hours. The atars are made in Bangladesh.

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