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The OnePlus X breaks new ground with the best new processor in a ridiculously cheap phone. But OnePlus X is trimmed-down, budget-friendly Android phone which shrinks capabilities along with the size and price. It seemed like a dream on a smartphone. The specs of the phone are really good along with the price tag. Though OnePlus X suffers in the camera and display department in overall case it is a fantastic phone for anyone daily driver.

OnePlus X Display:

OnePlus X has a 5 inch 1080p AMOLED display which actually means superb viewing angles, bright colors and superior blacks. While it is very good for the price but this does not have AMOLED’s finest features. There is a small gap between the cover glass and display. The display is little dim on the side even at full brightness. But overall at this price point, you will not disappoint at all.

OnePlus X Software:

Oxygen OS is literally very good. If you have used stock Android you won’t find many differences visually but there are minor tweaks here and there. You will get a dark theme by default, which changes the menus to a deep black and the app drawer to dark gray. Actually, they are very smart. They are using AMOLED technology and this uses less power than the regular white Android theme. Overall very smartly done, in a word Oxygen OS is really good and you will enjoy operating this device.

OnePlus X Camera:

OnePlus X may have the same megapixel number as like the expensive flagships but you will not find similarities in the result. You will get 13 MP sensor but it’s a smaller sensor with an aperture of f/2.2. The outcome of this camera is less satisfactory. Overall I can say a very average camera, nothing to expect the superior outcome. In daylight condition, you can have a decent photo but in low light, this camera really starts to struggle.

Performance & Battery Life:

Having a quad-core 2.3 GHz Snapdragon 801 processor inside the OnePlus is the flagship chipset. In your day to day life, you will never experience any lag. From browsing web, multitasking and gaming are very fluent and fast.  I was little concerned about the battery of 2525mAh as this phone is running a powerful chipset. But in real life, they actually tweak this very well. You will always get the full day of battery life from this device.

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