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Time Recorder and Fingerprint Machine Price in Bangladesh 

Time is of the spirit in the workforce and the authority is continuously watching at our late records and absences. In the standard work construction, time is important since we are paid by the hour. Overtime pay and night differential are measured by how much time you consume in the office working. This is why time reporting mechanisms are very essential for the office. A time recorder is a machine that matches a clock but does more than just showtime. It also serves as a tiny memory machine that maintains a record of the ins and outs of the representative either by biometric scans or by barcode assessment. You can get this kind of time recorder from Ajkerdeal the biggest online shop in Bangladesh.

How Time Recorder / Fingerprint Works

The most conventional variety of time recorders would be the punch card encoder. A card is overwhelmed on the clock reporting that the character has already appeared at work. At the bottom of the day, the card is punched again purporting the end of a workday. A biometric scanning machine handles fingerprints to eliminate the requirement for punch cards. This handles digital technology to identify that a character carrying those fingerprints have already entered or transmitted work at that particular time. These modifications create office jobs a lot higher organized and in support of representatives who contribute over time and justify night differentials. 

Types of Time Recorder / Fingerprints 

A-C071 TCP/IP Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock Recorder Attendance Employee Electronic Punch Reader Machine Realand

Product Features

  • Quick attendance speed. With no film high-definition induction fingerprint front, high identification rate, fast speed.
  • With RFID ID card reader capacity, U disk to upload/download data.
  • The process is easy and comfortable, everyone can use;
  • Apply the most high-level international fingerprint algorithm, increase the real fingerprint state to identify the timeless than 1 second.
  • With 2.8-inch TFT color display, interactive interface, spontaneous and transparent.

Kings Power Date & Time Stamping Machine

Product Features:

  • All functions are fast and efficiently customized to satisfy your exact business specifications
  • Built-in battery backup for time, date and memory auto-reset after energy failure - never requires to be reset
  • Self-starting month-end and leap year organization
  • Left or right-hand edge printing
  • The massive illuminated print window for the perfect arrangement of documents
  • Printing options add Manual, Automatic, Semi-Automatic and Sequence
  • Automatic hour orientation for Summer and Wintertime exchanges

ZKTeco K40-Pro Time & Attendance Terminal Machine

Product Specification:

K40 Pro is a 2.8 inch TFT screen Time Attendance & Easy Access Control Terminal. It has an interface for a third party electric lock and the exit key. TCP/IP and USB Host present data management remarkably simple. Most importantly, the built-in backup battery can reduce the difficulty of power-failure. with a luxurious appearance and reliable quality, you can perceive the best form it.

Face ID F910 Access Control

Product Specification:

  • Appearance detection and time saving machine for large organizations
  • Benefits of using WiFi
  • Up to 25 - 5 appearance can be detected

iClock3000 Fingerprint Time Attendance & Access Controller

Product Description:

iClock3000 is a 3.5-Inch TFT Time Attendance & Access Control Terminal with a huge fingerprint template potential of 20,000. Assuming the latest user-friendly firmware and the most advanced core-board, it increases its performance, accelerates identification speed and becomes more extendable for multiple customization specifications. What’s more, the user-friendly interface provides you a unique experience.

It has conventional functions similar to TCP/IP, USB-host, camera and T9 input. It also has access control interfaces for Wiegand-in, Wiegand-out, door lock, alarm and doorbell. 

F22 ultra-thin fingerprint time attendance and access control terminal

Product Description:

F22 is an ultra-thin fingerprint time attendance and access control terminal with BioID sensor and Wi-Fi, which offers unmatched performance with advanced algorithms for dependability, exactness and best matching speed. F22 emphasizes the various active commercial-based fingerprint matching algorithm and ZK high-performance, high-image quality infrared detection fingerprint sensor.

uFace 800 Multi-Biometric Time Attendance and Access Control Terminal

Product Description:

uFace800 facial multi-biometric time & attendance and access control terminal supports up to 1,200 face templates, 2,000 fingerprint templates and 10,000 cards (optional). With ZKTeco's latest hardware platform and algorithm, it offers the latest UI and user-friendly maintenance interface to implement a smooth user experience. With exceptional face algorithm and multi-biometric verifying technology, the terminal’s security level of verifying is significantly heightened. 

ZKTeco K15 Fingerprint Reader RFID Card Access Control

Product Specification:

  • fingerprint reader access control system has
  • 1000 fingerprint capacity,
  • 1000 ID card capacity,
  • 80000 record capacity,
  • 2.8 inch TFT screen,
  • TCP/IP / USB communication,
  • WDMS / webserver / SMS / automatic status switch / self service query / work code / T9 input / 9 digits user ID / DST / schedule bell functions,
  • optional ID / Mifare function,
  • DC 12V 1.5A power supply,
  • 2000 mAh battery.

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