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Buy Furniture Almirah or Shelf from at Cheap Price in Bangladesh

Furniture almirah or shelf is known as  “gondola” when it is used in a super shop. Furniture almirah or shelf also used in the office. It is a piece of freestanding equipment of a flat base and a component featuring notches, pegboards, or slatwalls that will provide many choices for displaying your products. Any type of vertical piece can be fitted with shelves, hooks, or other displays.

A gondola help to display items and helps to establish separate departments and sections. When you are choosing a gondola for your store or office you should take care of what kinds of sizes and inches you are using. You should choose the best gondola that best suits your stores or places. It is highly convenient and easy to install. And when you are using an almirah in the office you should also take care of room sizes, color, and niches. 

We have different types of furniture almirah or shelf collections. Like one side display rack, Both side display rack, Wall gondola, Official Shelf Cum Almira, etc.

How to Buy Original Furniture Almirah or Shelf

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In AjkerDeal you can get an eye-catching collection. Pick your favorite furniture Almirah or shelf from AjkerDeal. We have a huge collection for men, women, and kids. We can ensure you about our products that they are best in quality. 

Some Collections of AjkerDeal Furniture Almirah or Shelf-

Official Shelf Cum Almirah

This almirah is a trendy style almirah which is widely appreciated amongst clients. It does not only look attractive but it also made inaccurate dimensions and precision construction. Its furnish is totally smooth and has a large storing capacity and high durability. 

It can use in-home or office. We took care of Consulate Board, Executive texture, Varnish, Customize Color, Licker Finishing color, Board/ wood texture, Wooden Fiber texture and Customize Design. Its design is made by a legitimate certified engineer or architect and furnished touch is made by our skilled worker.

Super shop Rack

This almirah is made with high-quality material and its furnish is totally smooth. This rack has 5 shelves on the left and 5 shelves on the right side. You can also buy more shelves from us. Products information are Height (H): 6’/7'; Depth (D): 14” (Shelving); 18".;(Bottom shelf to stand);  Length (L): 3’, Decking Material: Metal Steel; B; Metal Steel Loading, and Capacity: 80kgs / 120 kgs / As much you want. You can also change its color. 

Super Shop Wall Rack

It is a free-standing one-sided wall rack. There are 5 racks with base selves and 7 feet in width. If you want to expand your rack size you can buy an extra rack. It is safe to display items on the rack. 

It is a durable rack and has loading capacity. Products descriptions are Height (H): 6’/7'; Depth (D): 14” (Shelving), 18". (Bottom shelf to stand); Length (L): 3’;  Tray (T): 4 pcs; Decking Material: Metal Steel; Back Cover: Metal Steel Loading; and Capacity: 80kgs / 120 kgs / As much you want.

Furniture Almirah or Shelf Prices

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