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Buy Latest Watches and Sunglasses Online in BD

Ajkerdeal has a great collection of stylish and good quality sunglasses and watches. You can now easily buy latest watches and sunglasses online in BD from ajkerdeal. Sunglasses and watches have exceeded their primary function and has become a fashion choice. Ajkerdeal is giving you a great collection of fashionable and latest collection of sunglasses and watches.


Watch is a type of clock that is worn on the wrist. It is worn with plastic, rubber, leather strap or metal chain. Clocks or watches have been around for ages. People have used them to find time. There are two main kinds of watches, mechanical watches and quartz watches. Mechanical watches are made of bunch of springs and gears. These watches do not need any additional power supply. They are powered by springs. And quartz watches uses an actual quartz crystal instead of complex mechanism. Electric current is passed through the watch with the help of a small battery and the quartz create the pulse and that pulse powers the hands to move. In today’s watches are not only used as a time telling device, they are also a great choice of fashion for both men and women. Some of the famous watches are listed below.

Chain Watches:

Metal Chain watches are very popular among both male and female. The dial and the chain both is made of stainless and shiny metal. The expensive watches uses silver, platinum even gold and the less expensive and cheap ones use steel to make these watches. These watches are a bit similar to bracelet. To adjust the chain length you have to cut the chain which is not easy. But chain watches are very elegant looking. On ajkerdeal you will find some beautiful chain watches for both male and females. So select one and place an order now.

Leather/ Fabric Strap:

Leather or fabric strapped watches are also one of the most favorite watches among male and females both. The leather straps are like leather belts the dial or body of the watch is metal and the strap is made of leather. These watches are very much suitable for any formal function or for office use. Fabric or cloth strap watches are more of a casual fashion. They are similar to a leather watch but instead of a leather strap they have fabric strap. You can find these watches on ajkerdeal.

Sports Watch:

Sports watches are for sports. They are highly weather, heat and water resistant. The material is very light and it cannot be scratched that easily. Sports watches can be both digital and analog. Sportswears are good for sports fashion wears. Sometimes the can also be worn with semi casual clothes. On ajkerdeal you will find some cool and good looking sports watches. So, visit our website now and choose one sports watch and place an order. Your watch will be delivered to you within 2-3 days.

Smart Watch:

Smart watches are getting more and more popular everyday among the young people. Smartphones are like a mini wrist computers. Besides telling you time they can also get connected to your smartphone and give you notification and alert of your phone. Smart watch also can track your heart beat, blood pressure and your steps. Some smartphones can use a sim card and some has to be connected to a smartphone. Smart watch has started to take over the conventional market of watches among young and teens. Ajkerdeal has a great collection of smart watch. So, choose one for yourself and place an order now. Your smart watch will reach you within a couple of days.


On ajkerdeal you will find a great collection of stylish and latest collection of sunglasses. The primary function or purpose of sunglasses is to cover eyes under the sunlight. There are some secondary functions as well such ase, protection from dust sunglasses also protect the eyes during contagious eye diseases. But in modern times sunglasses are serving as a fashion wear. There are various kinds of sunglasses. Some of the most loved and worn fashions are,


Aviation glasses are also known as sun glasses. These sunglasses were the symbolic style of pilots. It is a water drop shaped glass with metal shiny frame. Now it is a popular fashion for men and women both. The style is considered as classic.


Rectangle glasses are another classic yet cool fashion of sunglasses. They are mostly comes in full black. The glasses are rectangle shaped. These glasses can provide maximum shade during a bright sunny day.


Most popular amongst young and teens. The glasses are round and the frame is metal. The glasses come with different colors. The front side of the glass is sometimes reflective as a mirror. These glasses are really cool.

On ajkerdeal you will get all these sunglasses at a reasonable price. So choose one for yourself or if you want to gift someone, place an order and relax. The rest is our job and we will deliver your product within a couple of days.