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Buy Latest Shoes and Sandals Online in BD

Ajkerdeal has brought a great collection of latest designed shoes and sandals for both male and female. You can buy latest shoes and sandals online in BD from ajkerdeal. Shoes were invented to protect the feet from cold, dust and sharp rocks. But now shoes have become a fashion for both men and women. On ajkerdeal you will find gents sports shoes, casual shoes, formal shoes, casual sandals, home sandals and more. For ladies you will find home sandals, flat shoes, slat sandals, heels, boots, casual sandals, sneakers and more. You will also find kids shoes and sandals on ajkerdeal. So visit our website and place an order now.


Gents Shoes:

Men are wearing different types and styles of shoes. There are different shoes for different occasions. On ajkerdeal you will find different kinds of gent’s shoes. So, select one and place an order and your shoes will be delivered to you within 2-3 days.


Sports Shoes:

Sports shoes are made for sports, jogging or gym. There are different kinds of sports shoes depending on the sport. On ajkerdeal you will find cricket shoes, soccer boot, cycling shoes, hiking shoes. These shoes are made of a light fabric. The fabric is soft and very comfortable it absorb the moisture and sweat so it keeps your feet dry and cool. You can find all sizes. And they are very fashionable. So, if you are looking for a pair of sports shoes then go visit and choose your shoes. After you place an order, your shoes will be delivered to you within 2-3 days.

Gents Casual Footwear:

Casual footwear can be worn with any dress. It is a common kind of fashion. Though it is a common fashion but it differs from person to person. So, there are different kinds of casual shoes. Some of the most popular casual shoes are loafers, sneakers, boots etc. loafers are very popular among young people now. Loafers are made of leather or cloth. They do not have any laces, you have to slide your feet into it. They are very comfortable and fashionable as well. Sneakers are worn by men for many years. These shoes are mostly made of clothes and they are similar to sports shoes. They look good in jeans, a t-shirt, shirt etc. you will also find some stylish and comfortable leather boots. To buy these shoes, visit and place an order.

Formal Shoes:

Formal shoes are mostly made of hard leather. They come in black or dark brown. Formal shoes are worn with formal shirt and pants. They also look very good with suit. These shoes are ideal for any formal events or for your office. Ajkerdeal has some of the best collection of leather formal shoes. So visit our website and buy one now.

Gents Sandals:

Sandals are worn by almost all ages of men. They are comfortable, easy and best for summer. Sandals are a kind of shoes which does not cover the feet completely. There is a sole on which straps are attached. And this gives the sandals a very unique look and makes them comfortable. There are various kinds of sandals for men. The leather sandals are considered as casual sandals. There are sandals for home or regular use as well. These regular sandals are made of a more comfortable material. Plastic, rubber or fabric is the most popular choice. So visit and order now.

Ladies Shoes:

Ladies are more conscious about shoes than men. A woman’s beauty can be emphasized wearing a good looking shoe which goes with her dress. Sometimes good footwear can increase the confidence of a woman. There are various kinds of shoes available for women.


High Heels:

Heels are very popular amongst young girls. The heel of these shoes are a bit high from ground. There are various kinds of heels. High heels are high. The lifts a girls heel and makes her look taller. Heels also emphasize on the legs and make them look beautiful. High heels can come with shoes, sandals or boots. Each are worn with different types of dresses. On ajkerdeal you will find a good collection of high heels and you can buy them from your home. So visit and order now. 


Flat shoes do not have any raised heels or soles. They are flat and comfortable to wear anytime and anywhere. Girls prefer flats for their daily activity or when the have to be comfortable. There are flat shoes, flat sandals even flat boots. Flats shoes cover the whole feet, flat sandals do not cover the whole feet but gives a comfortable feel. And flat boots covers the feet up to ankles. On ajkerdeal you will find some of the best flat shoe collection for women. These shoes are very comfortable, durable and fashionable. Visit and place an order now.


Casual shoes do not have any specific code. The style can be anything, the color can be anything, can be worn anywhere. Some of the most popular fashion for women casual footwear is Casual sandals. They can be worn with any dress. Sneakers look good with jeans and tops or leggings. Home sandals, running shoes, flat boots are also considered as casual shoes. So, visit and order a casual shoe now.