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Buy Latest Jewelry Collection Online in BD | Ajkerdeal

Ajkerdeal has the largest online collection of latest designed jewelry. Buy the latest jewelry online in BD from ajkerdeal. Women are harnessing themselves with jewelry for ages. There are various kinds of jewelry. Some of the most common jewelries are, ring, earring, nose pins, necklaces, pendant, chain and many more. All these jewelries are available on ajkerdeal. So visit our website and place an order.

Largest Online Collection of Latest Jewelry:

Ajkerdeal is the largest online shop of Bangladesh. It has earned the reputation of the most trusted online shop. Ajkerdeal has a huge collection of latest jewelry. Bengali women are using jewelry for more than 5000 years. The culture and the taste of the people reflect on the design of the jewelry. Bengali women are using metal, wood, clay, stone jewelry from the beginning. The upper class people used metal jewelry such as gold, silver, copper etc. The middle and lower class people used wood, stone or clay jewelry. On ajkerdeal you will find various kinds of jewelry. These will emphasize your beauty. So visit and order what you want.

Jewelry can be divided into many types based on their design or material. They can be deferred by cultures and place of origin as well. Some major types of jewelry that are available in Bangladesh are introduced below.

Antique Jewelry:

The jewelry that is no longer available or no longer under production are called antique jewelry. These kinds of jewelries have an old, rough and dull look. And this look is the unique feature of these kinds of jewelry. It gives a woman an old world or a classic look.

Bead Jewelry:

Bread has been an art in Indian subcontinent for more than 5000 years. The art was started by the civilization that grew by the river Indus. They use to make beads out of precious metals like gold, silver, copper, they also used wood, ivory and even clay. They used to knot these beads in a line and made jewelry. 

Bridal Jewelry:

Bridal jewelry are mostly made of expensive metals like gold, platinum etc. the jewelries are usually very heavy and gorgeous. Besides metal many precious stones and pearls are also used in these jewelry. The main function of these is to make the bride look beautiful.

Fashion Jewelry:

Fashion jewelry is mostly worn for regular fashion. Girls or women wear this jewelry on a daily basis. So these jewelries are made of cheap or less expensive materials rather than any precious materials like gold, silver or diamonds. This kind is very popular and worn by most of the women around the world and around Bangladesh.


Handmade jewelry is another form of classic jewelry. These jewelries are crafted very beautifully by some expert craftsman. These craftsmen are doing this for generations. The handmade jewelries are mostly made of clay or wood than they are painted carefully. The clay jewelries have become a part of Bengali Culture. 

Stone Jewelry:

These jewelries are made of shiny and twinkling stones. The expensive ones use diamond or pearls and the less expensive or fashion jewelry uses artificial diamond cut stones. These stones look almost identical to diamonds.

Jewelry Collection of Ajkerdeal:

You will be amazed to see the huge collection of jewelry on ajkerdeal. Ajkerdeal has the largest collection of fashion jewelry online in Bangladesh. If you are planning to buy for yourself or as a gift for someone special than visit and choose from a vast collection of ajkerdeal. You will find all kinds of jewelry on ajkerdeal.


Rings are the most common and loved by the women. Ajkerdeal has a great collection of good quality rings. You can buy one for yourself or you can gift them as a symbol of love and admiration. You will also find couples ring, a pair of matching rings for you and your loved one. You can now buy these rings online from ajkerdeal. So choose one and order now.


Earrings will not only make your ears look beautiful but it will also make your face look beautiful and glowing. Wherever you go or what dress you wear a good and beautiful pair of earrings will change your whole appearance and will make you look more beautiful and attractive. You will find one of the best collections of earrings on ajkerdeal. So visit the website and order now.


Necklaces are to be worn on the neck. There are various kinds of necklaces. Wider necklaces are for more gorgeous parties or events and they are to be worn with gorgeous dress or sarees. You will also find thin necklaces on ajkerdeal as well. These necklaces can be worn with any kinds of dresses and will match any events. You will find some of the best necklaces on ajkerdeal. So visit and order what you like and the product will be sent to you within 2-3 days.