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Buy Latest Home decor & Household Items Online in BD

Every house needs some household and decoration items. On ajkerdeal, you can now buy the latest home decor and household items online in BD. Everyone has a wish to decorate and furnish their home beautifully and as their choice. But most of the time it can not be possible because of the time or other limitation. But not to worry anymore. Ajkerdeal is here for you. On ajkerdeal, you will find all kinds of home decor items and household items. So, visit now and take a look at the huge collection of household and home decor items and place an order. You will get your product delivered within a couple of days.

There are various kinds of items that you might need to decorate or furnish your house and a ton of daily household products that you might need in your everyday life. We have prepared a list of those things. You can find all these things on ajkerdeal. So, sit back relax and enjoy.

Sheets & Covers:

Sheets and covers are very important for your home. There are various kinds of sheets depending on its use. Sheets that are used in beds are called bed sheets. These sheets have different sizes. The single sheets are for single beds and double sheets are for double or large size beds. If you want to use it as a regular bed sheets then you are recommended to buy cotton or printed bed sheets. And if you want a sheet for occasional use then you can choose from the different gorgeous bed sheets. Most of the bedsheets come with matching pillow covers. Besides, you can buy pillow cover separately. Not only pillow covers, you can buy cushion covers as well. All these are available on So visit our website and place an order now. 


Any object that helps you to make your life easy is called furniture. On ajkerdeal, you will find different kinds of furniture. You will find wooden, plywood and metal furniture here. These furniture are very beautiful and durable as well. You will find wardrobes, beds, dressing tables, dining tables, sofa and more. The design and color of these furniture are astonishing. You can now buy this beautiful furniture online on ajkerdeal. Just visit the website of ajkerdeal and select the one you like and place an order. Your furniture will be delivered to you within just a couple of days. 


Showpieces are used to decorate the house. Anything can be a showpiece. Showpiece is mostly made of wood, metal, clay, glass, plastic, etc. The traditional showpieces are often made of clay or wood. These showpieces often based on the culture of the rural people of Bangladesh. There are some western showpieces as well. These are made of metal or plastic. You can even use souvenir as showpieces. You can find all these showpieces on ajkerdeal. Just visit the website of ajkerdeal and place an order now. Your product will be in your hand within a couple of days.  

Rugs/ Floormats:

Rugs and floormats increase the beauty of your home and make it look elegant. There are several designs and kinds of rugs and floormats are available. These can change the whole look of your living room or bedroom. The rugs are made of different materials. You will find jute rugs, feather rugs, artificial synthetic rugs and more. These rugs are very beautiful and they can be used in both winter and summer. So, visit and see the rug collection. You can now place an order online on ajkerdeal and get it delivered to your house. 

Household Device:

On ajkerdeal, you will find all kinds of devices that you might need in your home. You will find IPS and IPS battery. There is nothing new to say about the importance of an IPS specially during the summer. Ajkerdeal has a great collection of inverter and IPS batteries. You will also find geyser. Geysers are important during the winter. Geysers saves gas and time as well. It gives warm water directly to your taps. You will find some of the best geysers on ajkerdeal. Water filters are another important thing for your home. With a good water filter, you can have a clean water supply for your home. So, order a filter now from ajkerdeal.  

On ajkerdeal, you will find all these household and home decor products. You just have to visit the website and select what you need and place an order. We will deliver your product to you within a few days.