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Buy Latest Electronics and Gadgets Online in BD

Electronic gadgets are our everyday companions nowadays. You can now buy electronics and gadgets online in Bangladesh at an affordable price from ajkerdeal. There is a huge collection of latest and newly arrived electronic gadgets on ajkerdeal. You would be happy to know that all of them come at an affordable price. If you are a gadget freak than you should visit the new arrival list of gadgets on ajkerdeal and make your life more beautiful.

Buy Gadgets on Ajkerdeal:

Ajkerdeal has a huge collection of latest electronic gadgets. You can buy gadgets, electronic products or accessories online on ajkerdeal. From the huge collection of gadgets you can find what you need and can buy them at a very cheap price. Some of the latest gadgets available on ajkerdeal are,

Camera & Camera Accessories:

Camera is a must have device in the modern world. You need a camera to store the important and memorable moments of your life. On ajkerdeal you will find various kinds of cameras. You can buy DSLR cameras on ajkerdeal. DSLR cameras are very strong and they have various functions. They can work as a video and photography camera both. You can buy latest DSLR on ajkerdeal at an affordable price. There is also action camera or sports camera as some call it. Action cameras are another popular camera. It is small and compact in size and have various video recording mode in ultra-high definition quality and high frame rate. You can record in slow motion or time lapse mode with this camera. You can buy some best but at an affordable price action camera. Not only Video or still camera, you will also find security cameras on ajkerdeal. You will also find accessories for these cameras like camera cleaning kits, action camera mount, tripod stand and more. You will find them on

Speakers and Headphones:

Speakers are very important to have in modern times. You can use them with your PC, laptops, TV or even mobile phones. There are many types of speakers. You can choose one according to your requirement. There are mini USB speakers. They are powered by a USB cable. You can take it anywhere and play music connecting with your phone. There are medium speakers which are generally used for home or office PC. and then there is multimedia speakers or home theaters. These speakers are very useful for movie lovers. It creates a 3D sound effect. These home theaters will make your movie or gaming experience more alive. You will also find best and latest headphones on ajkerdeal. These headphones will give you a chilling music experience. They have a good balance of bass, mid and low. You can order them on ajkerdeal and get it delivered to your place.

Battery & Power Bank:

Almost every electronic device is powered by battery in modern times. Any electronic device, all of them needs battery. On ajkerdeal you will find various kinds of battery for various devices. You will find rechargeable batteries. We need AA size battery for our remotes, clocks etc. it is very wise to have rechargeable batteries instead of buying a new pair every time. You will also find camera battery. If you are going on a long trip you should have one or two extra camera battery with you or you might get upset by a dead battery. Power banks are also very important nowadays. It is a power storage device that can be connected to any device via a USB cable. You can buy these battery and power banks on


TVs are a popular source of entertainment and also a public media. Almost every household has a television. On ajkerdeal you will find some very great LCD, LED and smart television. You can order and it will be delivered to your place within a short time.


Air Conditioners are a very comforting electronic device for our country. Bangladesh is a sub-tropical country that is mostly humid and hot. Having an AC can make your life more easy and comfortable. Ajkerdeal has a good collection of air conditioner. You can choose your brand and size and order them online on ajkerdeal.

Desktop and Laptop Computers:

Computers are probably the best gift of modern science. There is nothing we cannot do with a computer. Computers have become an everyday household machine nowadays. There are two main types of computer, laptop and desktop. Desktop are a computer system consisting of separate parts. It is a very good choice for office and home use. Desktops have become very cheap nowadays. On ajkerdeal you can find desktop with various configurations. You can choose the best configuration under your budget and can order it on ajkerdeal. Laptops have become very important, useful and popular computer. Its functions and softwares are similar to a desktop but unlike the desktop it does not require any separate components. All of it comes as one. They are compact, portable and easy to carry. You can take them to work, school, tour or anywhere you want. They can run on battery without a power connection for 4 to 7 hours depending on the battery capacity and usage. Now you can buy branded and latest laptops on You just have to choose one and place the order. The rest is on us. We will send your laptop to you within a couple of days inside Dhaka.

Smart Watch:

Young people and even the older ones have been using smart watch for a long time now. Smart watches are a kind of minicomputer that you can put on your wrist and enjoy. There are a lot of features in a smart watch than a traditional watch. Besides showing you time, it can calculate your heart beat, blood pressure. It can be connected with your mobile phone and you can answer calls or see text messages on it. It also notifies you about weather and traffic. On ajkerdeal you can find smart watches of various styles and functions. They are also affordable and durable. You just have to choose and order them on ajkerdeal.