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Buy New Arrival Computer Accessories Online in Bangladesh

Computer accessories are one of our daily needs. You can now buy computer accessories online on ajkerdeal. To use a computer you might need some important accessories. These accessories will make your use smoother and easier. It is very easy now to buy computer accessories on ajkerdeal.

USB Flash Drive:

The most popular and widely used portable storage device is USB flash drive. These drives are also known as a pen drive or flash drive. They are small in size and very much effective for carrying and sharing data. There are various different kinds of USB flash drives. There are various versions as well. The speed depends on the USB version. There is also OTG pen drive which uses micro USB. Using micro USB has allowed the new pen drive to get connected to your phones. On ajkerdeal you will get some of the best pen drives. They are durable, fast and fashionable. So visit our website and choose a flash drive and order now.


Computer headphones are getting more popular day by day. Headphones are replacing loudspeakers. Headphones are adapted and liked by mostly gamers, music composers and even general people. With headphones you can enjoy the sound without annoying or causing any problems to others around you. You can buy good quality gaming headphones and normal computer headphones on ajkerdeal. Ajkerdeal has a good collection of best quality headphones. They have good sound, they are durable and fashionable. And the most important part is you can get at a reasonable price.


Speakers are a very important part of a modern computer. You cannot think of a computer without a speaker. Though people prefer headphones but the significance of speakers is undeniable. If you are planning a movie night or having a little party at your place there is no other alternative of speakers. There are speakers of different sizes and ratios. Personal preference is also a matter for speakers. On ajkerdeal you will find some of the best speakers in Bangladesh. You can use these with your PC, laptops, smart TV or even with your phone. So visit and choose what you feel best for you and place an order. Your speaker will be delivered to your place within 2-3 days.

Mouse/ Keyboard:

Mouse and keyboard are the two main input devices of modern computer. You cannot use a computer effectively without one of them. There are various kinds of mouse on ajkerdeal. You will find wired mouse. These mice are connected via USB ports. You will also find wireless mouse or bluetooth mouse. They do not require any wire. You can also find some strong gaming mouse on ajkerdeal. Ajkerdeal also has a great collection of keyboards. You can find full sized keyboards, mini keyboards, night keyboards, gaming keyboards and more. These keyboards are comfortable, durable, branded and very much fashionable. So, choose one and place an order now on ajkerdeal.


Monitor is the main and number one output device for a computer. They are the computer display. Though you can use multimedia projector instead of a monitor. But monitors are used worldwide as the first choice of computer display. As you have to operate the computer sitting near the monitor, so it is important that you get a good and low reflective monitor. By the development of display technology, there are various monitors out there. Almost all of them have a high resolution. You can set them in night mode so that your eyes do not get pressure while operating it in the night or dark. Ajkerdeal has a great collection of well-known branded monitor. So get one today for your computer. You can even use them as a display of DVR of your CC camera system. Order monitor on ajkerdeal.

Network Accessories:

Network accessories help you to get connected to the internet. Getting connected to the internet is very important in the modern age. There are some devices and accessories that you will need during establishing a network connection. Some of the most important accessories are, routers, modems, lan card, WiFi receiver etc. router is a device that is used for creating a WiFi zone. On ajkerdeal you will find some of the best routers in Bangladesh. These routers have a strong network and wide range. You also will find Lan card. To connect the local area network cable directly to your PC you must need a lan card. Most of the motherboards have built in lan port but sometimes it can be spoiled. So, whenever you need a lan card, ajkerdeal is here to supply. You also might need a WiFi receiver for your PC if you want to use WiFi in your desktop PC. Laptops have WiFi receivers built in but desktop PC needs an extra device to connect to the WiFi. All these network accessories are available on ajkerdeal. So select what you need and place an order now.

Printer/ Scanner/ Toner:

If you are a student or an employee, you might need a printer. Printer is a kind of output device. You can have text or photo in printed form by using a printer. Printers are very much important for almost all walks of life. Students, offices, schools everyone needs printers. Ajkerdeal has a great collection of both inkjet and laser printers. You can choose according to your requirement and budget. With printers you need some other things. You might need ink or toner. You can find all these things on ajkerdeal.

Other Accessories:

You will find some other important computer accessories on ajkerdeal. You will find UPS on ajkerdeal. UPS are very important. It backs your desktop up during power failure which gives you enough time to save your unsaved work. You will find some best UPS on ajkerdeal. You will find some stylish and durable gaming casing. On ajkerdeal you will find some good quality USB hub on ajkerdeal. All these accessories are available on So visit now and place an order now.

Why from Ajkerdeal?

Ajkerdeal is the largest online shop of Bangladesh. Being the largest online shop, ajkerdeal has all your daily needed products. You will find clothes, fashion, watches, electronic gadgets, computer and more under a single umbrella. On ajkerdeal you will get the largest online collection of computer accessories. You can choose what you need and place an order your accessory will reach you within 2-3 working days.