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The price of mouth organ or harmonica is very reasonable in our country. Mouth organ is a wind instrument, which means it needs wind flow to sound. It is widely used around the world for many genres of music. It is suitable for all kinds of music. It sounds out of the world with blues, jazz, American classic, country music, rock etc. the sound of mouth organ is very soothing and beautiful. The harmonica was first used in Europe in the early 19th century. Sheng is a Chinese instrument like the harmonica and it was very famous in Asia by that time. They became very famous in Europe after French Jesuit Jean Joseph Marie Amiot introduced the instrument to Europe. Sheng is considered to be the father of modern harmonica. Harmonica and similar instruments as it appear almost at the same time in Europe, North America, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Type of Harmonica:

There are some famous and well-known types of harmonica is around. Chromatic harmonica is one of them. It has button activated slide to control the air flow. It is also called as hand free harmonica. The player can move the mouthpiece to change the key with his lips and it frees the hand of the player to play another instrument. Using one chromatic harmonica a player can play in any key. Another one of its kinds is diatonic harmonica. Diatonic harmonica is a fixed key harmonica. It is designed to be played only in a single key but the player can force it to play other notes that it was not meant to play. It is mostly used in blues and jazz music. Tremolo-tuned harmonica is probably the most interesting one. It has two reeds with the same tone. One is sharper and other one is flatter. When both of them are played together it creates a beautiful tremolo in the sound wave. The Asian version of the instrument can play all the 12 semitones and are used commonly. 

Parts of a Harmonica:

There are three main parts of a harmonica. The comb, reed plate and the cover plate. The comb is the main body of harmonica. It got its name because of its similarity with hair comb. The comb is mainly made with wood but now the makers are using plastic also and it is no less than the wood combs. In some cases the plastic comb is better than wood comb. The wood comb used to expand and shrink over time because of the weather and often ended up with unwanted cracks but in plastic comb this problem does not occur anymore. Then there is reed plate. The reed plate holds a set of reeds. The reeds are often made with brass occasionally they are made with steel or plastic. The reed plate is bolted or screwed with the comb. A new design in the plate came in the 1950s. They are made with plastic. They called all plastic reed plate. These plates and combs were made out of a single piece of plastic. Cover plate is used to cover the reed plate and it is mostly made of metal. Sometimes they used wood or plastic as well of the cover. The cover projects sound and they determine the tone quality. So it is important to build the cover with something more suitable. But it is also a personal thing. Because, every musician and music has a preference of its own. So often it is seen that the musician is customizing the cover. Besides the three main parts, there are some other parts and accessories in a harmonica. Such as mouthpiece, windsavers, etc.  

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