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Guitar picks are one of the most important accessories for a guitarist. You can now buy guitar picks online in Bangladesh. Picks are also known as plectrums. They are used by guitarists to pluck the strings. Picks are made of a uniform material such as plastic, rubber, nylon, wood, metal etc. picks generally are triangle-shaped where two corners are equally round shaped and the third corner is a little less round shape. The third corner is generally used to strum chords and play individual notes.

Plectrums have been used by humans for picking strings for thousands of years. The first recognized plectrum was feather quills. They were widely used until the late 19th century. In the late 19th century a new and superior material was introduced, tortoiseshell. They become very popular because of their good tonal quality and flexibility. There were many other materials came in between. But nothing was as durable as tortoiseshell. During the 1920s, guitarists used to play the guitar with their fingers. But as the number of guitarists increased, the versatility increased too. So the flat guitar picks started to be used by many of them. There was tons of modification in the design of a guitar pick because the poor gripping quality of these picks. They used to slip or fly out of the hand of the guitarists. In 1896 Frederick Wahl added two rubber pieces on the two sides of a pick and it became popular within a few period of time. Over the next few decades a lot of modifications and improvements came to the picks. And these made the pick very expensive. So the guitarists realized that they need nothing but a pick which will not fly out of their fingers.

Tony D'Andrea was the first to use celluloid to make a guitar pick. In 1902 he saw a man was selling some celluloid shits. So he cut out some pieces shaped as guitar picks. And found out that it was the perfect material for plucking the string. So from the 1920s to the 1960s Tony D'Andrea dominated the international pick market as a monopoly business. D'Andrea used to produce pick for some of the largest companies like Fender, Gibson, Martin, etc. 

The size of guitar picks is mainly triangular. The two bottom corners are more round in shape and the top corner is less round and pointy. The top corner is mainly used to play. There is difference in thickness of pick. The thickness causes the sound to differ. The thinner the pick is the cruncher the sound is. And the thicker the pick is, the deeper the sound is. The thickness is generally from 0.44mm up to 1.50mm. Some of the popular materials for a guitar pick are, plastic, celluloid, bones, horns, leather, steel, wood, rock, etc. Picks are now being used by almost all of the guitarists, especially those who play electric guitars.

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