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Buy Guitar Gig Bags, Guitar Straps Online in Bangladesh

Guitar bags and straps are very important if you go out having your guitar with you. Guitar bags will allow you to carry your guitar more comfortable and will protect your guitar from minor dents and dust. And if you want to play your guitar while standing, than there is no alternative of having a guitar strap.

Guitars have been around us for a long time. Though it is often thought to be a Spanish origin instrument. But the ancestors of the guitar were first invented by the Arabs. Later the Spanish developed and modified the guitar and gave it its current form. The guitar is a stringed and fretted instrument. It is made of wood. There are four main body parts of a guitar. Body, fretboard, neck and headstock. The body of an acoustic guitar is made of plywood and is hollow inside. There is a hole cut out to amplify the sound. The one end of a long neck is joined with the body. And other end is called headstock. The fretboard or fingerboard is attached on the front side of the neck. The fretboard contains some frets, mostly 22 but some has 24 or more. The frets are guarded by some brass bars. There is one dot in 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 15th, 17th, 19th and 21st fret. And two dots on 12th and 24th fret. These dots are called fretboard markers.

Generally a guitar has 6 strings. The strings can be steel or nylon. Both string sets has a different sound and application. The nylon-string acoustic guitars are also known as classical guitar. These classical guitars are played with finger plucking. These guitars are used in Spanish Classical music. Classical guitars are very soothing and they have a lighter and natural sound. On the other hand the steel string guitar has a kick in its sound and is the most popular. Steel string guitars are played with a pick or fingers.

The strings of the guitar are tuned in E A D G B E notes from bottom to top. The thickest and the uppest string is called the lowest or the sixth string or bottom string and the thinnest string is called the top or high or the first string. Both of them are tuned in the same note but one in a higher pitch and other in a lower. The main philosophy behind guitar playing is you have to change the length of the string by pressing the frets with the finger and strumming or plucking them with other hand.

Guitars are very popular in our country. There are lots of guitarists in almost every city in Bangladesh. Young people are getting attracted to the instrument and there is a lot of potential in these young kids. To learn guitar you must have a guitar. Without having your own guitar, it is very difficult to learn and practice guitar. With a guitar you also need some accessories like guitar picks, strings, guitar bag, guitar belt etc. you do not have to worry about these things anymore. On ajkerdeal you will find all your necessary guitar accessories. 

Buy Guitar Bags:

Guitar bags are also known as gig bags or guitar covers are very important for a guitar. Bags protect the guitar from minor dent or scratch or dust. It also protects the strings from getting rusty. There are three major qualities of guitar covers. The first one is a normal cover. It is made of just one layer of bag making fabric. It can only protect the guitar from dust. These covers are not recommended for an expensive guitar. The second one is foam bag. These bags are medium quality. They are made of one layer of fabric and a layer of foam. So it is able to protect the guitar from minor scratches or dents. And the last one is gig bags. These bags are made of multiple layers of strong fabric and foam. It protects the guitar even from minor falls. You can travel with your guitar in these bags. These bags are highly recommended for you. You can buy guitar bags online from ajkerdeal. And you will find the best bags with low price. 

Buy Guitar Straps:

Guitar straps or guitar belts are very important for live shows. They help you to play the guitar while standing. To select a good strap is very important because if the quality of the strap is poor, than the leather that holds the guitar can be broken anytime and the guitar may have a great fall. So it is very important to have a good strap for your beloved guitar. On ajkerdeal you will find some best quality guitar strap that can hold your guitar perfectly. You have to go to and find a strap for your guitar and order them online.