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Guitar accessories are very important for a guitarist. These are the accessories that are essential for playing guitar perfectly. Guitar is a fretted instrument which usually has six strings. It is played by both hands by plucking or picking the string using fingers or a guitar pick. The six strings are tuned in E A D G B E notes from bottom to top. The guitar is made with wood and the strings are made with nylon or steel. Both strings have a different sound. The sound of the guitar is made by the vibration of the strings which is amplified by the hollow wooden body of the instrument. The electric guitars were introduced in the 1960s. To play an electric guitar you will need an electric amplifier and loudspeakers. One or more than one electromagnetic coil catches the vibration of the string and sends it to the amplifier. There is an option to apply sound effects in electric guitar. Using a guitar effect pedal you can apply sound effects to the guitar. There are two main types of guitar. The ordinary guitar and bass guitar. Ordinary guitars are played as a solo or lead instrument and bass guitar is played as a bass instrument. The use of guitar in Bangladesh is growing day by day. 

To play guitar you might need some accessories such as guitar strings, amplifies, tuner, cables, keys, guitar belts, guitar bags, guitar pick etc. On ajkerdeal, you will find all the accessories needed for a guitar in one online shopping mall. 

Guitar Strings:

Guitar strings are the most important accessories for a guitar. There are two types of strings, nylon string and steel string. The nylon string is used in classical guitar and has a different sound and the steel strings are used in modern guitars. Guitar strings can be broken anytime or if it is older than the guitar may not sound as you want it to. So it is important to keep an extra set of strings with you and keep changing the string once every two months. There are different sizes of strings you first have to first know which string you want to install. You can now buy electric guitar string or acoustic guitar string online on 

Tuning Key:

Tuning keys sits on top of the headstock of the guitar. Every string has a separate key for tuning. By twisting the keys you can tighten or loosen the tension of the string and get it to in tune with any of the 12 semitones of musical scales. The tuning key can be broken or rusted if it is old. And these are very important components for a guitar. You can now buy tuning key online on ajkerdeal. 

Guitar Amplifier:

If you play the electric guitar, you must have an amplifier. A guitar amplifier is a combination of an amplification system and a loudspeaker. You have connect your guitar with a 6.3mm guitar cable. There is some control on the amplifier such as volume control, bass, mid and high control, gain control etc. there are two types of amplifier one is guitar amp and the other one bass amp. You can buy amp online on ajkerdeal. 

Other Guitar Accessories:

There are some other guitar accessories that might help you such as guitar cable. Guitar cable is a cable that has two 6.3mm audio jack at the both end of it. It is needed to amplify the guitar sound. Another important thing is acoustic guitar pickup. With the help of this pickup you can play your acoustic guitar with an amp. It is very helpful for live shows and recording. This pickup is also referred as acoustic preamp. You will also find guitar strap or guitar belt. Belt helps you to play the guitar standing. There are also guitar tuners. Clipping the tuner with your guitar you can tune your guitar perfectly. You can buy all these accessories online on ajkerdeal. You just have to place the order, rest is our job.