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Searching for Mosquito bat / Mosquito Killer Racket in Bangladesh?

Mosquitos are the most harmful insects we are dealing with in our day to day life. No others insects can bring to man as more diseases as mosquitos can. In Bangladesh this is one of major problems. Various mosquitos created diseases like Dengue, malaria or Chikongunia is now frightening and often causes of death of a lot of people. But the good news is even our small effort can protect us from mosquitos. Various mosquito repellent products are now available to allow us fight harmful mosquitos in this summer. Mosquito Bat or Mosquito killer rackets are one of the most effective anti-mosquito products used in Bangladesh. Due it’s convenient way for both outdoor and indoor usage and capability of controlling mosquitos people prefer to use them over using the others.

What is a Mosquito Bat? How does it Work?

A mosquito bat or racket is a electric mosquito killer. It is often termed as as fly-killing device and used for killing flying insects. The flying insects or mosquitos are captured with electric shocked and then easily be cleaned.

Mosquito bat

The Mosquito bat simply comes in the form of a tennis racket or badminton bat. Basically it has a net woven over it’s top circular frame while a combination of electronic circuit and battery is integrated in the handle. The handle is connected to the net assembly. There are three metal mesh layers at the net structure. The central layer is the high voltage part created from the circuit enclosed in the handle region. The outer two layers are the return path of the high voltage line and are connected with the negative end of the battery. So when a push button closes the circuit a lower power starts to flow into the circuit and then when a victim or flying insects or simply a mosquito enters in between the inner layer and the outer layer then it’s body creates a low resistance path in between the metal layers and consequently the body of the mosquito will instantly be electrocuted.  The battery which is attached is a rechargeable one. When the battery gets fully charged, it just needs to be switched ON for the required function.
The benefits of Using Mosquito Bat are as Follows:

  1. It is free from all type of chemical components so environment friendly
  2. It is of light weight
  3. It comes with compact designs
  4. Easily rechargeable with provided charging
  5. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage

Best Offers on Mosquito Bat Price in Bangladesh

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