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Introduction: Dengue is the most terrific disease in Bangladesh. Mosquitoes are the carriers of this disease. If we need to be safe from it, We have to be careful from the mosquito. There are many kinds of anti-mosquito products in the market. Mosquito net, mosquito repellent, anti-mosquito lamp/Bulb, Coil, Cream, etc. Modern science researches and makes a great product which is mosquito killer bulb/Lamp. It not only runs away mosquitoes but also kills other dangerous insects. It’s not harmful to our body and the environment. So it is the best anti-mosquito product we can say. provides the best quality of anti-mosquito products.

About the Category: We have many types of mosquito killer products. Mosquito killer Racket, mosquito killer lamp,anti-mosquito repellent, anti-mosquito band, magic mosquito net, etc

  1. Mosquito killer bat: It is one of the most usable anti-mosquito products. It is made by Abs Plastic and takes power from DC current. It is a rechargeable product. After ending the power we can charge it easily and use it again and again. But it is a hand using a product which is disturbing.
  2. Mosquito killer Lamp: It is the most valuable anti-mosquito product. It takes power from AC Current. It attracts the insect by UV Light and kills by electric waves.
  3. Mosquito repellent cream: It is another valuable anti-mosquito product that can be used on your body like cream. That's why mosquitoes cannot come near you for this smell. 

Product Details of mosquito killer Lamp/Bulb

  1. Build quality: Mainly a mosquito killer lamp is built by plastics and other components but the main body is made of plastic. Inside it has 3 parts. 

1.Light Shade: It works as a soft light protection. which can give you light from the darkness.

2.UV Light: Blue color. It attracts the insect to the light 

  1. Precision Electricity Grid: When the insects come over there and touch this part, they die. This is also known as the strong mosquito killer part. 

2.Power: This product runs by Ac power. Some have AC/DC both. You need to hang on this product in your room, or balcony on other high places and connect with the AC power. Its UV light can attract insects or mosquitos and kill them by an electric wave. It also has a tray where the dead insect falls down and after a period you can clean it easily

3.How it works: basically it kills the insects by an electric wave. It attracts the mosquitoes with light and kills them with the electric wave. Its design is totally scientific. It's not harmful to our body or environment. It does not need any kind of oil, smoke or other anti-environment products. It runs by electricity. 

4.Quality: There are many kinds of mosquito killer lamp in the market. People are confused about product quality cause many companies are making the same looking product with huge different qualities. Ok, now come to the point, ajkerdeal always believes in quality. We always give our best quality services to our valuable customers. You can trust our service blindly. We will never want a bad review from customers and that's why we strictly maintain our quality. 


Maximum public use mosquito coil. Its smoke is too harmful to our body, especially for babies. Other public-use mosquito nets but it is disturbing for maintenance.

Also mosquito cream is harmful for skins because it's made by chemicals. So we can say, a mosquito killer lamp is the best solution without any harm for our body and environment. So we can use it easily and without any kind of tension. Everybody wants a mosquito-free life and sleep. This product will give you all the chance for a peaceful life. No need for high power electricity, no need to waste extra cost to maintain it. 


There are many kinds of mosquito killer lamps in the market depending on prices. but provides high quality mosquito killer lamps at a reasonable price. It starts around 200tk between 600/1000tk depending on size and quality. 

There are many sizes of these products. Some have a square shape, some have round and some have long shape. All are smart design. Small size product price has a very low cost of around 200-300 tk. Square and large shaped mosquito killer lamp a little bit higher around 500-800. Also we have a personal delivery system in around all over Bangladesh. So you can collect this product from anywhere easily. 


So, at the end, we can say, mosquito killer lamp is the best solution for your mosquito free life. You can use it at home, school, office, college, hospital, industry and anywhere you want. Just you need a proper AC power connection there. So that you can easily set it up and enjoy mosquito free life. And is the best way to get it easily .