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Money detector machine is also known as currency detector. Basically, the purpose of money checker is to identify the false notes. On the other hand, counting machine will help you to count a large amount of money. In Bangladesh, such types of products are hard to find, but a product like this will help you to make a safe transaction & to detect fake money. For a human being, it is impossible to ensure a perfect account management without the help of money detector machine.


Money Checker/Fake Detector

Money detector machines are a key component in keeping companies safe from fake money and saving employee hours in money counting. Because of the wide range and conditions of these money such as — ripped, torn, stuck together, compressed and even washed; sometimes it can tedious to count bills.

Basically, a money checker machine uses couple of techniques to detect the fake notes. Among them, using the optical sensor, GMR proximity detection, detection through physical attributes are most well-known techniques. Some detector machine uses UV technologies to detect the fake notes.

These machines save lots of time and you can be risk free all the time. Now you don’t need to cross check all the notes. It’s easy and trustworthy. Now you can focus on other important facts of the company. Before we only see these products only in the banks and in big companies. AjkerDeal has a good collection of money checker machines. It’s now simple and easy to find this money checking machine with an ease on our site.

Sometimes, a person may need to move a lot for business purposes; suppose, you are an owner of a departmental store and you carry all your necessary things with you. So, by considering these facts,, offers you some Portable Money Detector Machines which are very easy to carry and at the same time, they are very compact in their designs as well.

Money Counting Machine

Money Counting Machine will save your time and give you accurate results. With highly precious and integrated sensors will give you perfect counts every time. Beside money counting this machine also works as fake notes. It has Ultra Violet (UV) money detection which detects Fake money also.

Whether you work in a bank, credit union, restaurant, bar, or any other place of business that handles lots of cash each day, having a currency counter machine will save your time and energy. The banknote counting technology has improved over the last couple of years and now the machines are able to handle fake money detection functions.

In the early days, counting machines were used to use in the banking sector, but now-a-days, it is seen in different economic atmosphere as well. In the large departmental store, counting machine is used to make a perfect transaction and that is why, you will find product like Compact Bill Counter Cum Money Checker in, the largest online shopping site of Bangladesh, has plenty of money checker and counting machines along with collection of Electronic Products. Those critical, rare and complicated products can only be availed from this online shopping site. offers best money counting machine along with the best price in the market offerings. You can find the fake money detector and money counting machine in our money checker/counting machine section. So, don’t wait, just bring this product at your home with just a couple of clicks.