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Remote control means controlling something from a distance. The control works with remote sensing. Remote sensing is a technology that was developed to send or receive data from a device to another device without any physical contact. This technology is used in various fields such as land survey, geography, science experiments, astrology, medical, military, intelligence, financial, commercial, economical and many more.

Remote control was first used to control Tele visions. Now in our everyday life, the remote control is being used in various devices nowadays such as air conditioners, DVD player, cars, gaming consoles, VR boxes and many more.

The early remote control used ultrasonic signals to communicate. But today the remote controls use infrared rays. Infrared rays are a portion of the electromagnetic spectrum of communication. Today the remote controls are small in size and they have a number of buttons that controls various functions of the device. The device and remote controls are made for each other. Which means, one remote control can operate the assigned product line device. But there are some universal remote controls that can emulate any device and control its function. The function that a remote control performs are mostly power on and off, changing channels on TV, controlling volume, controlling temperature and many more.

The main technology that a remote uses is infrared. The remote handset generates a set of pulses of infrared light and the light triggers the device to function as commended. The infrared light is not visible to naked human eye. When a button is pressed, the transmitter of a remote sends a pulse of infrared light. We can not see this light but the interesting thing is the light can be seen through a digital camera, a video camera or a mobile phone camera. The light is generated by a light-emitting diode or LED in short which is generally built at the pointing end of the remote. Each and every button has a unique pattern of infrared pulse. The device recognize the pattern and cause the functions to perform accordingly.

In current times, the remote controls have become one of the most important things that technology has given us. We use remote for our televisions, ac, sound system and more. There are many devices that can not work without a remote. But sometimes a remote can be broken or become disabled. In these times it becomes hard for us to continue our life as it was with remote. But there is no reason to worry. Ajkerdeal has a large collection of remote controls. You can buy remote controls online on ajkerdeal. From the large opened option you can choose a remote for your device. You do not have to go to the shop by shop and find a remote for your device. Beang the largest online shop of Bangladesh, ajkerdeal is here to help you.\

Gaming Controllers:

Video games have been around since the 1970s. It is the most common source of entertainment in present time. First there was arcade games then came the home consoles and gradually the computer games and mobile games took over. The controllers of the games evolved with the time. First the controllers were attached to the gaming system and known as joysticks. Then there were cabled or wired controllers. These controllers were used for home gaming consoles such as Ninttendo, wii or xbox. In modern times wireless controllers are more popular. You can buy wireless gaming controls online on ajkerdeal. There are mobile gaming controls, PC gaming controls. We also have PUBG controller on our shop. You can get them easily now.

VR Box Remote:

VR or virtual reality is a simulator that is similar or different from reality. It is mainly used for entertainment purposes like gaming, movie or educational purpose. One of the most famous forms of virtual reality is VR headset or VR box. With a VR headset you can watch 3D movies, play simulated games and do other things. To use a VR headset you need to put your smartphone into the headset and watch. Putting the mobile inside the headset can limit the functionality of the phone as you can not touch the screen. So, to solve the problem we have VR remote. You can now find the price of VR box remote in Bangladesh and can order one to make your VR experience more comfortable. Ajkerdeal has a large collection of VR headset remote from which you can order one.

Mobile Smart Remote:

Mobile smart remote is an external mobile device. If you connect it to your phone through the 3.5mm jack you can turn your smartphone into a universal remote control. With this device you can control almost all kinds of home electric appliances such as TV, ac, projectror, camera etc. you can now buy mobile smart remote online in BD. ajkerdeal is giving you a variety of options from which you can choose one.

TV Remote:

Television remote are the first to use the remote control technology. Tv remotes were developed further and used with other devices. On ajkerdeal you will find tv remote as well. There is sony lcd tv remote. You can buy them. There is also universal tv remote that can work with almost any tv. You can order tv remote online on ajkerdeal.