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Bluetooth Receiver Price Online in Bangladesh |

From the beginning of modern computing history, the users have always looked for a way to share or transfer their data to another computer. One of the first portable devices was a floppy disk. Floppy disk was a magnetic storage device. It has a magnetic disk that is used to store data and it was covered by a plastic shell. Floppy disks were readable and writable with Floppy Disk Drivers or known as FDD. these storage devices were readable in other computers if they had a FDD. but the problem was, the space of a floppy disk was only 2.88 MB at the highest. But gradually this space was proved to be insufficient. So the developers developed an optical disk.

This device was able to obtain more space than the floppy disk. They can hold up to 4.7 GB in one disk. Most of us know this disk as a compact disk or CD in short. After the CD a more efficient device came, the usb drives. But scientists have always dreamt about having a device which can share data between two machines without any third-party device. So they built pc networking. This networking system connected some pc with each other via a networking cable. These connected computers were able to communicate and share data such as Wordpress document, pictures, graphics amongst each other. But when the mobile phone had a development, mobile phones needed a system to transfer data with other mobile phones without being connected to a cable or a pc. So, a new technology was developed, which used short radio waves to transfer data. And it was a massive success to a new era which leads to other inventions like wifi and more.

Bluetooth operates with a wavelength of 2.400 to 2.485 GHz. Almost every mobile device has bluetooth inbuilt. But lots of fixed devices such as desktop computers do not have a bluetooth device. So to come up with a solution, the developers developed a portable bluetooth device and bluetooth receiver. You can connect these devices with your PC and it will turn your PC into a Bluetooth compatible device. Ajkerdeal has a large collection of bluetooth receiver and bluetooth devices. You can browse and choose from these collections for your PC.


Bluetooth USB Dongle:

Bluetooth usb dongle is an adapter which creates a wireless connection with your PC to other bluetooth devices such as mobile phones, laptop, bluetooth mouse and keyboard, bluetooth headsets and more. You need to plug the device to your computer and if it is a window operated PC and has a windows 7 or later version and connected to the internet then it will automatically install the required drivers. If you do not have an active internet connection, then you might have to install the drivers manually. These doungles can transfer data at a speed of 3 MB per second. These are very useful and are very low in price. You can order them online on ajkerdeal and have delivered at your place.


Car Bluetooth Receiver:

Car bluetooth receivers are specially designed for car stereo systems. With the help of this device, you can turn your ordinary car stereo into bluetooth enabled stereo and can connect it to any bluetooth music devices such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets, mp3 or mp4 player. You can play music in your car without having any extra cable or extracting your memory card. You can now find out the price of car bluetooth receiver in BD and can order them online on ajkerdeal.

USB Bloetooth Audio Receiver:

USB bluetooth audio receiver is a USB device that will act as an audio receiver but with bluetooth facilities. This device will help you to hear very clear music and you can also record with it. It is a perfect device for music loving people. You can buy bluetooth audio receiver online in Bangladesh on ajkerdeal.

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