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Buy Mobile Accessories Online in Bangladesh

Mobile accessories and mobile phones are probably the most important device in our everyday life. It helps us to stay connected to the rest of the world. Though wireless transfer of speech was around through radio for a long time. But portable and transfer of speech with mobile network is a latest technology. The first devices that could do that were portable but not as handy and portable as today. Within the expanse of time, the development of wireless and mobile technology has caused the development of mobile phone. Now smart phones are more popular and more growing kind of phones around the world. The major portion of the internet is browsed via mobile phone now.

The history of mobile phone began with a visionary cartoon. In 1906 a cartoon was published in a public magazine entitled, “Forecast of 1907” created by an English cartoonist Lewis Baumer. In this cartoon, there was a man and a woman was talking on a wireless telephone. During World War II the military used wireless radio telephone. From this period the mobile phone began development. The first devices were bulky and consumed huge amount of power. The network was weak as well. 

In recent times a mobile phone works as a multitasking device. It can make voice calls, send text messages, can use mobile broadband and brows internet. Besides that a mobile phone can take pictures, play music, play radio, shoot videos and many more. There are some accessories associated with a mobile phone. Accessories are things that are helpful to operate a device but the operation can still go on even without the accessories. These mobile accessories include headphones, lights, mobile holders, chargers etc. ajkerdeal has a large collection of mobile phone accessories. These accessories will make your mobile use more comfortable and enjoyable. 


For photography, light is the most important thing to have. With a good implementation of light an ordinary photograph can become extraordinary. People now use their smartphones to take pictures or shoot videos. To take pictures or shoot video indore, there are some external lights. On ajkerdeal you will find the photography light. These lights will help you with your mobile photography as well. You can buy ring photography lights online in Bangladesh on ajkerdeal.

Sim Cutter:

Most of the mobile phones of current time can use multiple sim cards. The sim cards generally comes in three sizes normal, micro and nano. Previously mobile phone used normal or full sized sim cards. But now to make the device more concealable and to make it look more slim and attractive, most of the new models of smartphones since 2013 are using micro or nano sim cards. But all of the old users who have full sized sim cards had to buy a new sim but not to worry anymore. Ajkerdeal has the solution for you. On ajkerdeal you will find the macro and nano sim cutter. This cutter cuts the sim card in perfect size of micro or nano cards. You can now buy sim cutter online on

Sim Adapter:

If someone has the new micro or nano sim card and they lost the other part of it. And they want to install the sim card into a full size sim holder, than you must need a sim adapter. Sim adapter allows you to convert your nano sim into micro or full size and your micro sim to full size sim cards.

Waterproof Mobile Bags:

Waterproof mobile bags are very important and fun to have. A waterproof mobile cover protects your phone from water damage and it also allows you to operate the phone. The waterproof bags will protect you from rain, pools, diving and more. Having this cover, you will be able to protect your phone as well as do fun things, such as underwater photography, underwater video shooting, video shooting and photography during heavy rainfall and more.

Tripod Stands:

Tripod stands are a kind of object stand which stands on three legs. Therese stands are mostly used with camera, mobile phone, holding light, holding sound system etc. But the most common use of it is with a camera or mobile phone. This allows the device to stabilize and shoot videos or take photos perfectly. Tripod are not only used for cameras. There are mobile tripods as well. These tripod stands will help you to shoot videos or take pictures perfectly.

Pocket Router:

Pocket router is a very useful device. This thing can turn any place into a mini WiFi zone. You just have to put a sim card in it with cellular data available and turn it on. Within a few moments it can turn your surroundings into a WiFi zone. This device is very useful when you are traveling with your group. You can now buy WiFi pocket router online on

Cable and Charger:

Cable or chargers are the most important accessories of mobile phones. There are two kinds of charger available. One is travel charger. In which the cable and adapter is fixed. Another one is separated. Which means you have to buy a charging cable or data cable and an adapter. There are two types of charger based on the type of cable. Type A or micro USB cable and type C charger. You can buy all of them from ajkerdeal.

Other Accessories:

There are some other important accessories that are useful for a mobile phone. Such as mobile locker. Mobile locker is an anti theft device. It locks the phone inside your pocket so it can not be stolen. There is tab cover. Tab covers with keyboard is a very useful thing to have. It allows you to use your tab as a laptop. We also have anti radiation device. It is a device that protects your brain from radiation from a low battery mobile. Constant exposure to this radiation can cause brain damage. We also have headphone pouch bags, mobile replace display, cable organizer, mini OTG fans and more. You can now buy them easily on ajkerdeal. Ajkerdeal is the largest and most trustworthy online shopping store in Bangladesh.