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Data cables and converters are one of the most important accessories used with mobile phones, laptops, tabs or desktop PC. a cable that transfers data or physically connects two devices through electric signal is called data cable. Cable initially means a thick wire which is made by more than one thin wires. It was first used as a rope for anchoring big ships. But after the development of electricity, the electric wire also used cabling techniques to get more efficiency. These electric cables were made with copper wires and used to wrapped with clothes, rubber or paper. Later, they used plastic to wrap the wire which made the wire more durable and safe.

Electric cables were initially made for electric conduction. But after the development of computers and telephones, these cables also used to send and receive binary signals. They were used in data circuit and network circuit as well. When modern computers were around, cables had a new job to do. They started to connect two computers and were able to send and receive data from each other. Not only that, cable were used to connect other devices with the computer such as floppy disk drives or printers. When smartphones evolved, it became important to connect those phones to a computer and transfer data. So data cables as we know it, came to life. But the developers of smartphones wanted the phones to be more concealable in size. So they found a new way to merge the charging cable and the data cable. And it started a new era.

There are various kinds of data cable available for various ports and speeds. Some of the widely known types are type A, type B, type C, USB, mini USB, micro USB  and more. Based on the version and speed, USB cables can be divided into USB 1.x, USB 2.0, USB 3.x. You can not use any of these with your device. There is a certain type that supports your device.

On ajkerdeal, you can buy data cables, or USB cables or charging cables online in Bangladesh. The largest online shop in Bangladesh has a large collection of these cables. With these cables, you will also find cable converters on ajkerdeal.

Data Cable:

Data cables are most important for a mobile phone now. Mobile phones are now doing a multi-tasking job like music playing, photography or videography. So it is important to have a data transfer cable. There are other ways by which the data can be transferred. But using a data cable is much easier and faster and there is little chance of data corruption. On ajkerdeal you will find type A, type C, mini, micro and iPhone cable. You can buy the best cable online on ajkerdeal.

Charging Cable:

Though data cables and charging cables are the same, but there are some special cables which were made only to charge your devices. On ajkerdeal, you will find fast charging cables. These cables can recharge your battery very fast. But before that you must make sure whether your device is compatible or not with fast charging technology. If not, you have to go with an ordinary cable. But you do not have to worry. Ajkerdeal is here for you. You can find both type charging cable online on ajkerdeal.

3 in 1 Cable:

There is a special type of cable. 3 in 1 cable. With this cable you can charge or transfer data from three types of port. They can also be used as charging cable and they have the features of fast charging. You can buy these cables online in Bangladesh on ajkerdeal. You can connect the cable with a type C port, a micro USB port and finally with an Apple mobile device.

Cable Converter:

Converters helps you to connect a different type of cable with your device even if not made for that type. For example, you can connect a micro USB cable with an iPhone by using a converter. There are various types of converter with various functions. We have OTG converter. OTG means on the go, which means you can connect a USB flash drive or pen drive with micro USB ports. This converter is also known as OTG cable. You can buy them online on ajker deal. Than we have dual port headphone converter. These audio converters are made in such a way that you can connect two headphones to one device. Than we have Type C headphone converter. This converter allows you to connect a 3.5mm jack via a type C port. We have some other converters as well. Such as audio hub, iPhone 7 headphone converter, OTG card readers and more. You can buy them online on ajkerdeal.