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Buy Mobile Battery and Charger Online in BD

Batteries were the only source of electric energy into the 19th century before the invention of generators. Batteries mainly converts chemical energy to electrical current and with that current electronic device run. Though we have generators and continuous electric supply, batteries are also important for our modern society. Without a battery, we would not have any portable electronic device such as mobile phones, tabs, laptops, flashlights etc.  There are two types of batteries one is wet cells and the other one is dry cells. Wet cells are simple in nature and easier to build but they can not supply as much electricity as a dry cell make a wet cell you will need a glass container and you have to put a mixture of water and sulfuric acid into it. Than you should put one zinc and a copur cable into the mixture without touching each other. And you can connect the cell to any low fed electric machine and it will start.

It was the ancient method by which batteries were made. They used clay pot instead of glass containers. The dry cells are more complexly built and they can produce more electricity than a wet cell. Dry cells are two kinds. There are primary batteries which can not be reused once the resources are consumed and another one is secondary. Secondary batteries are rechargeable. After the development of this kind of batteries, the portable device industry took a leap. Mobile phones, laptops and other portable electronic devices were developed. In modern days we can not think a day without the help of batteries. Batteries are one of the main drivers of the technological revolution that we are going through now.

Every battery has a limited life. No matter how long it is but it will come to an end. Whenever we recharge a battery, we are actually completing one of its life cycle. So it is inevitable that battery will die one day. But when your smartphone's battery dies, what will you do? The answer is simple, you need to replace the battery with a new one. You can now buy mobile battery online in Bangladesh. You just have to choose a battery that fits your phone. To charge a battery would need a charger. Any local or cheap charger may harm your battery and phone. To avoid these kinds of harm, you must have a good and compatible charger for your phone. On ajkerdeal you can buy fast charger online in Bangladesh.

Smart Watch Battery:

Smartwatches are getting more popular day by day. It can work as a watch as well as a smart assistant. Smartwatches can be connected to your smartphone and you can receive or make a call or see text messages using that watch. It can also keep your heartbeat track. Smartwatches also powered by a rechargeable battery. So, it is normal if someday the battery dies. But you do not have to worry anymore. For the first time now you can know the price of smartwatch battery in BD on ajkerdeal. and you can order them and get it from your house.

Smartphone Battery:

Smartphone is our everyday companion nowadays. We can not think a day without them it helps us find any places with the map, it helps us take photos, it is our music player. It has lightened our travel bags. Smartphones are powered by Batteries. And there is a limited life cycle of a battery. It is completing its one cycle when you are plugging the charger and getting a full battery. If the battery dies, we can not throw away your phone and go for a new one. You can easily exchange the battery and have a phone as like new. Ajkerdeal has a great collection of smartphone battery. You can buy a smartphone battery online on ajkerdeal.

Charging Adapter:

A charging adapter is a device that helps to recharge your battery. It converts the alternating current into direct current and feed the battery. There are different types of adapters for different types of batteries. Every adapter has a rate of input energy and output energy. From the large collection of charging adapter you can find the best for your battery. You can buy a charger adapter online in Bangladesh. 

Charging Cable:

From the adapter, cable will flow the energy into the battery. The cable is also known as data cable. This cable not only charges the battery but also transfers data from the phone to the computer and from computer to the phone. While data transfer, this cable can recharge the battery as well. So, it is important to have a heavy-duty data cable for your beloved smartphone. From the huge collection of charger cable, you can find yours. There are C type cable, A-type cable and more. You can buy a fast charging cable online in BD.

Travel Charger:

Smartphone’s charger generally comes with an adapter and a data cable separately. Combination of these two makes a charger for the smartphone. But travel chargers are designed for travel purpose. For this reason, this charger is not two parts. The adapter and cable is inseparable. So it is like the old chargers. But these kinds of chargers are very useful on the go. You can now buy travel charger online in Bangladesh.

Wireless Charger:

Wireless charging technology has been recently developed. The technology uses an electromagnetic field to transfer energy from one device to another one. Here you do not have to plug the battery to a cable or charger, you just have to keep the phone near the electromagnetic induction. You can now buy wireless charger online on ajkerdeal.

Note Before Buying a Charger or Battery:

Most of the users does a mistake that they buy charger or adapter without knowing the requirement of their phone or battery. Every battery has a different rate of energy feeding. You should find it on your phone box, on the battery sticker or even on the old charging adapter. You should buy adapter or cable according to that input to output ratio.