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Best Ever iPhone 7 Price Online in Bangladesh

Looking for an iPhone 7 price in Bangladesh? Apple sets the stage for 2017 and teases up the future with the new trends in technology. While the iPhone 7 design looks similar to its predecessors, there are enough changes here that have made it the best iPhone pictures until now. Except for the look, everything inside the iPhone 7 makes a decisive statement about the future.


iPhone 7 is one of the best phones ever. Get the best deals on iPhone 7 price in Bangladesh from AjkerDeal to get your desired iPhone at an affordable price in Bangladesh. Ajkerdeal gives you an authentic iPhone and you will get 2 years of official warranty. Picking up iPhone 7 is very easy right now as you are getting an EMI offer at a 0% interest rate. Check out the detailed specification, Network Technology Gsm Cdma Hspa Evdo Lte type, and in-depth review of the best Phone.

Build Quality & Design of Apple iPhone 7:

The iPhone 7 is a gorgeous looking smartphone, there is no doubt about that. With an aluminum unibody design with 2.5D curved display edges which actually helps to handheld your phone quite comfortably. iPhone features 7000 series aluminum, which makes the iPhone more durable without adding extra weight but giving the device a much more premium feel. This phone feels much lighter and comfortable to hold than the iPhone 6s. Apple maintained a great quality Amoled screen and Body Ratio design as always but the iPhone 7 price is comparatively low!

Color Option for iPhone 7:

When the iPhone had launched there were two colors available: Jet black and black. Given one is the direct replacement of Space grey which basically uses a darker shade of aluminum. This is quickly becoming our favorite color option.


The available color display and black body are most appreciable and there’s no visible border between display and body which provides an almost completely uniform look. Besides that iPhone 7 has a Rose Gold, Gold, and Silver option for you to choose from.

Camera Design of iPhone 7:

The size of the camera on the iPhone 7 on the rear has been increased, although it still protrudes from the back overall it looks clean and elegant. The improved camera is welcomed by many which actually produces a very good Pixel Density quality image and pictures.


Water-Resistance Quality:

Apple’s first water-resistant phone is the iPhone 7. Officially it’s now IP67 water and dust-resistant. What does this means is you can dip it in water up to one meter deep for up to 30 min. The sensitivity of the display affects when the iPhone is submerged or large water droplets. 

Touch ID:

The home button is now improved and the screen is in Retina IPS Lcd display. It’s not a button anymore. Instead of physically moving up and down, pressing the new Home button triggers the clever Taptic Engine to trick your finger into thinking the button is pressing down.

Camera & Specification of Apple iPhone 7:

The camera in the back creates a new era in the mobile photography section in the 12 Megapixel Camera with Phase Detection Autofocus. With two high-power cores, the new A10 fusion processor gives the laptop-like performance with two low-power cores that gives a much better battery life.


iPhone 7 is now waterproof; I should rather say water-resistant because it has an IP67 water resistance rating. iPhone 7’s display is improved and 3D touch with used   “Ion-strengthened Glass is a great feature. The display is not insane like the high-end Android phones but it is very sharp, bright, and beautiful LCDs are very nice to look at.


The headphone jack removal is a strong statement from Apple and it shows the confidence from them, which is the only company in Technology, sets off everything for a change and does this aggressively. With the technology is booming, Apple is trying to set the tone for the wireless world.


There is no headphone jack on but has a 32 GB Memory Internal, Six Core Graphics performance in Battery Type feature. Apple gives you a pair of Ear Pods with a Lightning connector in the box, as well as a Lightning-to-3.5mm dongle so you can use your traditional headphones. 


On models supported Dual SIM Card, Connectivity Options, SD Card Slot, Personal Hotspot and Dual-Band Hotspot Bluetooth uses the line selected for cellular data. You can also use supported Natural Language Commands, 


The device is lightning fast. You will never notice any lag. With IOS 10 it runs all software, game’s battery is very smooth. The battery inside the device will run you through the full day.

iPhone 7 Display:

Apple is using an eminent display in the iPhone 7 that's 25 percent brighter than the comparable display in the iPhone 6s, so users use it's through the brighter looking and clearer outdoors, especially in full sunlight. The display is also conducting a cinema-standard wide color gamut and end-to-end color management, for featuring in more vivid, saturated colors. 


Phones Full Specs display mate features are considering the "best LCD display" going to calling it a "major upgrade" over the iPhone 6s. iPhone 7 carries through the highest color precision, 326 pixels per inch pixel density ( Ppi Density) features, peak brightness, and contrast rating in the bright light of any smartphone display, the highest contrast ratio of any IPS LCD display, and the lowest screen reflectance of any smartphone display.


The iPhone resolution of the display is the same, at 1134 x 750 (326 PPI) for the iPhone 7 and 1920 x 1080 (401 PPI) for the iPhone 7 Plus, and the screen sizes continue to measure in at 4.7 inches for the iPhone 7 and 5.5 inches for the iPhone 7 Plus.

Options in Black and Jet Black Color iPhone 7:

To differentiate the iPhone 7 from the iPhone 6s, the Apple phone has centered on introducing two new colors sold alongside the traditional Gold, Rose Gold, and Silver finishes. There's a dark matte light-spread out "Black" shade that replaces Space Gray and a glossy "Jet Black" that's absolutely new, with a pristine, mirror-like surface.


The high-shine in Jet Black color is brink about through a unique dye bath and anodization context, and while its finish is eye-catching, Apple warns that it is prone to "micro-abrasions" and recommends those who are worried about scratches keep it in a case.

The Model of iPhone 7 with 3D touch:

The 3D Touch continues to be an integral part of the display, built into one of the display layers. 3D Touch is an enhanced multi-touch feature that allows the iPhone to measure different levels of pressure in addition to taps, swipes, and pinches.


Although 3D Touch is used across iOS 9 and iOS 10 to enable shortcut gestures called "Pick" and a "Pop" on the home screen and iOS applications. Which easily enables a light press to enable a pick, while a deep press enables a pop and has unique swipe gestures for opening menus and taking action when using picks.

Enjoy iPhone 7 Plus with iPhone 7 Features! How!

You can get the joy of iPhone 7 Plus with iPhone 7, but there is a slight difference. What is the difference between iPhone vs iPhone Plus? That is a question for many, but I would like to put it in front of you easily and first of all, I would like to say that the difference between iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is a lot of similarities between them except the display size and camera used in 1-Year and find differences. 


For the most part, they are using the same features and boasting the same technology. The iPhone 7 Plus offers sharper, sharper images with better color vividness and viewing angles, but both have Retina HD display features and 3D Touch technology. Also determine your geographical position using GPS, turn on this function, and the phone can find the exact position using A GPS Alerts. 


This phone has a non-removable Li-Ion 1960 mAh battery (7.45 Wh) in 14hours of Talk Time. Now supports maximum Wi-Fi speeds of up to 450Mbps, but Wi Fi 802 11 AC gives you faster power in your increasingly connected life. Phones are setting in an Email Address, set the Email Alerts, 


Moreover, with the iPhone 7 in the iPhone 7 Plus, the standard version of the phone is smaller and lighter. The regular iPhone 7 weighs 138 grams whereas the iPhone 7 Plus weighs 188g with a slight difference in weights. Even both apple phone models have built-in stereo speakers, waterproofing, and dust proofing, and both have Aluminum Body with different color options. One of the other major differences between the two phones is that the traditional iPhone 7 has a 4.7-inch display while the iPhone 7 Plus has a 5.5 display size.


One of the essential dissimilarities between the iPhone 7 and the Apple iPhone 7 Plus is that the neoteric has a dual-camera setup whereas the standard iPhone 7 has a singular lens on the back of the phone. The front camera on the iPhone 7 Plus has Auto Image stabilization with 7 megapixels and is capable of recording 1080p videos, which differs from the uses of a camera in both iPhones. 

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) On- Best Ever iPhone 7 Price in Bangladesh


  1. What are the best features of the iPhone 7?

Answer: The best features of the iPhone 7 are mainly the phone itself then internal features attract more including features are no headphone jack, great Improved water resistance quality, capacitive touchscreen, haptic home button, similar design as iPhone 6s, dual-lens camera for iPhone 7 Plus, stereo sound quality, upgraded with A10 Quad Core 2 34 Ghz Fusion processor, allowed to use Sim Nano Sim and most important battery life improvements.

  1. Is the iPhone 7 a good phone?

Answer: Yes, Surely it's an iPhone, and their model of iPhone 7 will be dependable for a long time as customers pick and gets icloud Cloud Service. The iPhone 7 is old enough to be cheap and affordable, but new enough to still have a lot of the features you look for in a premium used phone.

  1. How powerful is the a10 Fusion chip?

Answer: Including a fusion processor chip in the iPhone's then inside the new A10 Fusion is a 6 core graphics chip that's 50 percent faster than A9 found in the iPhone 6S. This a10 fusion chip is three times faster than the A8 in the iPhone 6. Apple claims the new A10 Fusion is "the most powerful chip ever in a smartphone."

  1. What processor does the iPhone 7 have?

Answer: Apple iPhone 7 is powered by a quad-core Apple A10 Fusion processor which is a 2.34GHz quad-core Apple A10 Fusion processor. This processor comes with 2GB of RAM. The Apple iPhone 7 runs iOS 10 and is powered by a 1960mAh non-removable battery. 

  1. Does the iPhone 7 phone break easily?

Answer: Frankly speaking, with the help of the iPhone 7, you may find it water-resistant specification, but if you throw it away, it will break or crack. Damage to the outer screen will not interfere with benefits such as water resistance, but if you damage the inner screen, it will no longer be water-resistant and your phone screen needs to be replaced.

  1. Is the iPhone 7 worth buying in 2020?

Answer: Yes, The iPhone 7 Operating System model with internal storage is a great option to buy and it's still worth it in 2020 because of iPhone 7 is one of the most affordable used phones on the market.